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It Is Hard to Get Motivated These Days

Get Motivated

Motivation drives all processes in our life. A person who has enough motivation can reach any goal. Hence, when we face problems with motivation, it makes our lives more challenging.

One who lacks motivation becomes low productive, earns less money, speaks to people rarely, and his or her energy level becomes low.

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Let us now talk about the main reasons why people don’t feel motivated and the most effective ways to get it back.

Reasons Why People Lack Motivation and Ways to Get It Back

Reason: Lack of Clarity about Your Desires

Most people face motivational issues because they simply do not know what they want. In other words, one should be clear about what outcome he or she gets if everything works out as planned.

You would be surprised, but most people do not know what they exactly want. If you did not decide on your desires, generating a working plan and walking toward your goals would be impossible.

Solution: Set Clear Goals

You must see the target to hit it. Hence, the solution for those who lack clarity about their desires and are not motivated is very simply. Set concrete and exciting goals.

Think over aims, and range them depending on the area where you want to gain more energy and motivation. It would be best to consider goals for each area of your life: emotional, physical, financial, etc.

Reason: You Do not Develop the Right Habits

Keeping the level of motivation always high is impossible. Even if you want to reach your goals, you are a human who can have bad days, highs, lows, etc.

Almost all people who look very motivated have strongly developed habits. For example, if you want to motivate yourself to go to the gym, you must repeat the exact actions for several months in a row.

Going to the gym will become a habit, and you will do automatically.

Solution: Work Harder on Your Habits

Developing a habit is possible in any area of our lives. It could seem hard during the process of working on a new habit. However, the reward for your efforts would be very impressive.

You will not have to find ways of motivating yourself because habits will be working on your goals.

Reason: Overstressing and the Need for Rest

Being overwhelmed and facing loads of stress makes us lose motivation. When the pressure of stress becomes too much, many people often tend to give up.

The best way to get back on track is to reduce the situation that causes you negative emotions. However, it is not always possible.

Solution: Figure out the Reasons for Stress

To get rid of the problem with motivation caused by overwhelming, one should try different options.

For example, the issue could result from your multitasking. Stress will go away once you will focus on one goal and start working toward this only aim.

Another reason for overstressing is working on goals that are too high for you now. Reducing your expectations of yourself will be a solution.

Reason: Incorrect Moves and Physiology

Physiology matters for motivation. If you pay attention to a body of a low-motivated person, you will see particular moves, facial expressions, and poses.

Now, remember how a person looks when highly motivated.

The fact is that the way you move, your pose, and your speed are tightly bound to the level of your motivation. By becoming aware of your physiology, and changing the way you hold and move your body you can make a big difference.

Solution: Control Your Physical State

Start paying more attention to your body language. Try different poses and moves and see how they influence your feelings and behavior.

For example, by working on your facial expression, you could get more energetic and optimistic.

Reason: Identifying Yourself with Low Motivation

Some people need to make a separation between themselves and their mistakes or bad mood.

For example, if you did something wrong once, it does not mean you should identify yourself as a person who always does everything wrong.

Such a way of self-identifying could become a problem for those who seek motivation. If you repeatedly think and talk about your low level of motivation, you program yourself incorrectly.

Solution: Change Your Attitude Toward Yourself

Be patient with your thoughts and words. Pay attention to your attitude to yourself and analyze the patterns of your self-identification.

Your goal should be to replace the incorrect mindset with another.

Reason: Limitations of Your Desires

One of the problems of people is having less ambitious desires than they could.

Think about your goals and define whether you are limiting yourself. Do you dare to dream big and wish for something more?

Solution: Aim Higher

Get motivation from big goals and stop setting limitations for your desires. You will achieve more by forcing yourself to take massive actions following big goals. Ambitious desires will empower you.

Please note that big goals would seem more feasible if you divide them into small goals, each goal small leading the final goal.


It takes work to get motivated these days. In our article, we provided several main reasons for low motivation and offered some working solutions to change its level motivation for to the better.

You should be clear about what you want.

People who develop strong, effective habits, do not lack motivation. One should work hard on good habits.

If you face a problem with motivation, check if you identify yourself as a low-empowered person. The desire to do things could also be lost due to overwhelming stress, which you must reduce.

Always pay attention to your body language as mentioned earlier, do not limit your desires, and aim higher. Good luck!