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Reshaping Your Mindset to Quit Smoking for Good

Reshaping Your Mindset to Quit Smoking

Even with smoking rates in decline, it is still a prominent issue all over the world. As of 2022, Tobacco Atlas reports that there are over 1.1 billion smokers globally.

The health detriments of cigarettes and other tobacco products are well-known and familiar to smokers and non-smokers alike, but simply knowing them isn’t often enough to get people to quit.

Some are so entrenched in their habits that they don’t see a feasible way to give it up. Others try to stop and have done so many times, but their efforts go to waste when they seek it out after experiencing withdrawal.

Quitting smoking is a hard battle to win, but it can be done with the right motivation, the proper commitment, and a good mindset.

If you’ve been looking to give up smoking for good, here are some ways that you can reframe the way you think to help you reach your goal:

Figure Out Why You Smoke

Smokers take up the habit for various reasons. Regardless of why you started smoking, you may only be continuing because you’ve grown accustomed to it.

Finding out why you keep picking up a cigarette can be the key to ditching it.

Try to find other methods of relaxing and mindfulness that are healthier if you smoke to relieve your stress.

If you started for fun, you can look for other hobbies or exercise to take your mind off the desire to smoke. Instead of smoking to keep up social appearances, look for ways to boost your confidence or social skills without relying on the habit.

Taking out the root problem can make it easier for you to quit.

Quit It Gradually

Some smokers struggle to quit because they think they have to go the cold turkey route, but then they experience withdrawal symptoms that make staying away much harder.

Instead of seeing quitting as a one-time thing, take things in a slow and gradual process as you wean yourself off cigarettes.

There are plenty of nicotine products available that not only help you reduce your dependence of nicotine but also get you out of the physical habit of smoking. The ZYN nicotine pouches you can buy on Prilla are placed between the gum and mouth and don’t require inhaling any smoke or vapor.

They also come in various strength levels, so you can gradually lessen the amount of nicotine you’re consuming until you can do without it altogether.

Quitting a habit like smoking can be difficult, and it requires a lot of patience and drive if you want to see long-term success.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Attempting to quit smoking becomes much more difficult when you can only feel the difficulty of staying away increasing daily. Rather than continuing to lament the loss of a cigarette which makes it harder to kick the habit, find a way to track your journey, so you have data to look back on and encourage yourself.

There are now mobile apps like EasyQuit that can help you see how long you’ve gone without smoking, how much money you’ve saved by not buying cigarettes, and how your health has improved. It also comes with a log for triggers and a journal for taking notes of your journey.

Celebrate the Little Triumphs

When a person faces addiction of any kind, letting go of that vice can seem like a daunting mountain that’s almost impossible to overcome.

On your journey to quitting, instead of fixating on the climb ahead, take it one step at a time and congratulate yourself on each one.

If you focus too much on the hardship you’re currently facing, you’ll stay stuck there. As mentioned in the post, 9 Reasons Why Self-Discipline Is Good for Your Health, seeing self-discipline as something that is depriving you of something good is a mindset that needs to be changed.

View each trial as a foothold to help you move forward, and keep in mind that the longer you stay away from smoking, the healthier you’ll be. Once you’ve passed the difficult parts, it’s easy to celebrate how far you’ve come.