Concentration and Multitasking

Concentration and multitasking, can they go together?

I have been asked whether practicing concentration might interfere with one’s multi-tasking ability, as being able to concentrate on one thing and filtering out other stuff seems to be the opposite of multi-tasking.

The mind can always think on one subject or object at time. When we do several things at the same time, we are actually moving the focus quickly from one subject to another, and it only seems to us that we are focusing on several subjects at the same time. This can sometimes be tiring, and we might not be able to complete tasks successfully, because we do not focus on each task long and intently enough.

After developing some degree of concentration ability, you will able to hold the mind for longer periods exclusively on one subject, and you will be able to study/understand/accomplish everything better and more efficiently. At the same time, your ability to move your mind swiftly from one subject to another at will, while focusing it strongly on each subject, will also grow, which means improvement of your multi-tasking ability.

With a better concentration ability, it will be easier for you to focus your mind on one thing, subject or task, and it will also be easier to handle several tasks at the same time.

This ability goes hand in hand with the growth of the ability to disregard and reject unwanted thoughts, which means greater inner peace. With greater inner peace, the mind and thoughts are more under your control, and it becomes easier to clear your mind from irrelevant thoughts when you need to focus on one task or while multitasking.

The ability to concentrate does not make the mind rigid and inflexible. It strengthens and makes sharper all the 5 senses, enhances the intuition, makes the mind more peaceful, and helps you accomplish anything you wish to do.

How to Focus Your MindHow to Focus Your Mind

How many times have you tried to focus on a task, read, study or meditate, only to find that your mind is wandering?

Would you like to change this situation and improve your focus and concentration?

How to Focus Your Mind

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