How to Improve Self Discipline and Focus?


I would like some articles and books recommended to read. I am an older person, and have always had a hard time on self-discipline and focus and following through. I have accomplished many things, but not as good, as it should be.”

How to Improve Your Self Discipline and Focus

I often hear this question, “How do I improve my self-discipline and focus?” This question bothers many people, since they often encounter situations that require these two skills.

Most people are not born with self-discipline and focus, and unless they take steps to improve them, nothing would change.

These skills are not taught at school, and most people do not know how to improve them. On top of this, we encounter every day many distractions and situations that do not allow us to focus, and weaken our discipline and resolutions.

If you ask people about self-discipline and focus, they would agree that they very much need these important skills, but they consider them as hard to get. They think that improving them would require a lot of time and effort, which they do not want to invest.

True, improving your discipline and focus requires time and some effort on your part, but it is not so hard improving them. People devote hours every day to watching TV, gossiping, texting and interacting with their mobile phone. However, to improve self-discipline and focus you need just a fraction of this time.

There are a few simple techniques for improving your self-discipline and focus, which I have written about in many of my articles. I know these techniques work, because I have used them personally, and people who have used them, keep telling me how these techniques have helped them too.

The difficult part about improving discipline and focus is remembering to improve them and persevering, and not listening to your mind, which might put some resistance, since it does not like change and does not like to be disciplined.

One of the ways to keep going and not give up is to remind yourself often, why you need these skills, and how they would help you in your life.

In your question, you also mentioned that you find it difficult following through. The ability to follow through with whatever you do has much to do with discipline and focus. The better discipline and focus you possess, the easier it becomes to follow through with whatever you do.

You asked about articles and books recommended to read. Nowadays, in the age of the Internet you can easily find information about these topics. However, I would like to recommend a few articles and books that I have written, which I know that they produce results.

Articles and Books to Improve Self-Discipline and Focus

Articles about improving self-discipline:
Willpower and Self-Discipline – Guidance and Exercises
Self-Discipline Benefits and Importance
How to Strengthen Your Willpower – Tips and Advice
Do You Finish What You Start Doing?

Articles about improving focus and concentration:
The Power of Concentration
Concentration Exercises for Training the Mind
Tips to Improve Concentration
Your Attention Span and How to Improve It

You also asked about books. In my book, “Strengthen Your Willpower and Self-discipline”, I have written extensively about these two skills, and provided exercises for improving them. These are simple exercises, which do not require special times and conditions to practice, and that you can practice at any time and place.

As a by-product of practicing the simple exercises, you not only improve your willpower self-discipline, but you also strengthen the ability to make decisions and follow them, learn to overcome procrastination and indecisiveness, and increase your inner strength, perseverance and patience.

The other book I would like to recommend is “How to Focus Your Mind”. It teaches, guides, and shows how to improve your focus with the help of simple exercises.

I would like to emphasize that one can start improving her or his discipline and focus at any age, and any degree of improvement is worthwhile. Even practicing just a fraction of what is offered in these books and articles, will take you a long way toward better discipline and focus.

Remez Sasson

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