The Law of Attraction

Nowadays, we hear so much about the law of attraction, and how it can change your life. Books, websites and people teach it, some of them promising quick and easy success and wealth. The law of attraction works in the lives of people, as it works in nature, and I have written a book about … Continue Reading…

Theron Q. Dumont and His Books

Theron Q. Dumont is one of the pseudonyms William Walker Atkinson used in several of his books on self improvement, the development of will power, self-confidence and personal magnetism. Under this name, Theron Q. Dumont, he has written the following books:

# The Advanced Course in Personal Magnetism
# The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism Master
# Mind or The Key To Mental Power Development And Efficiency
# Mental Therapeutics
# The Power of Concentration
# Practical Memory Training
# The Psychology of Personal Magnetism
# The Solar Plexus or Abdominal Brain
# Successful Salesmanship

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