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Theron Q. Dumont and His Books


Theron Q. Dumont is one of the pseudonyms William Walker Atkinson used in several of his books.

William Walker Atkinson wrote on self improvement, the development of will power, self-confidence and personal magnetism.

Under name, Theron Q. Dumont, he wrote the following books:

  • The Advanced Course in Personal Magnetism
  • he Art and Science of Personal Magnetism Master
  • Mind or The Key To Mental Power Development And Efficiency
  • Mental Therapeutics
  • The Power of Concentration
  • Practical Memory Training
  • The Psychology of Personal Magnetism
  • The Solar Plexus or Abdominal Brain
  • Successful Salesmanship

Theron Q. Dumont Is the Pseudo Name of William Walker Atkinson

I didn’t know until lately that Theron Q. Dumont was one of the pseudonyms of William Walker Atkinson.

It has always seemed strange to me that their books covered the same topics and were written in the same style.

Furthermore, the book were written more or less in the same years, and they were published by the same publishing house.

These facts led me more than once, to think that maybe Theron Q. Dumont and William Walker Atkinson were the same person, or at least they knew each other.

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After digging into this matter and making a few researches, I reached the conclusion that they were the same person.

I would like to point out that both the books, under the name of Theron Q. Dumont and under the name of William Walker Atkinson, were written in simple and easy to understand language, and are full of practical information.

I have always enjoyed reading their books and learned a lot from them.

The books are true treasures for anyone interested in mind power, self improvement and success. No wonder that these books, which were written a century ago, are still popular among people interested in these topics.

Theron Q. Dumont or William Walker Atkinson books can be found in bookstores or on the Internet.

Theron Q. Dumont Quotes

“We get back what we give out. So form the habit of encouraging others, and you will find it a wonderful tonic for both those encouraged and yourself.”

“The first essential quality of success is the desire to do – to be something. The next thing is to learn how to do it, the next to carry it into execution.”

“The successful man gets used to seeing things accomplished and always feels sure of success. The man that is a failure gets used to seeing failure, expects it and attracts it to him.”

“Do not be afraid to undertake whatever you really desire to accomplish and are willing to pay for in effort.”

“Every great task that has ever been accomplished has first been merely a vision in the mind of the creator.”

“Thought is the directing power of all life’s vibrations.”

“Concentrate upon your ideas, and they will become material actualities.”

“Concentration is paying attention to a chosen thought.”

“Look upon everything within your power as a possibility instead of merely as a probability.”

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Formats Available: PDF and EPUB.