The Law of Attraction

Nowadays, we hear so much about the law of attraction, and how it can change your life. Books, websites and people teach it, some of them promising quick and easy success and wealth.

The law of attraction works in the lives of people, as it works in nature, and I have written a book about how to use it. Though this law works and brings results, you need to know a few things about it and how to use correctly, and you have also to devote time and effort to make it manifest in your life.

Attaining success requires persistence, willpower, self-discipline, strong ambition, a definite plan and certain other skills. It does not happen overnight as some promise. Of course there are certain goals that are within immediate reach, and can therefore, be accomplished quite fast. This is because you are already ready for them, and all you need is some small effort to bring them about.

However, if you desire something that is way above your current reach, you can still get it, but you will need to invest more time and effort to get it.

There is a vast difference between manifesting a car, when you already have most of the money to pay for it, and manifesting a successful business with many employees, when you have no money in the bank.

The law of attraction is not a get rich quickly method, which requires nothing from you, except thinking about wealth a few minutes a day. Though miraculous things do happen sometimes, more often, this law manifests in a most natural way. It can attract you opportunities and open doors for you, but it is up to you to recognize these opportunities and utilize them. If you wish to be successful, you cannot stay passive and wait for things to drop into your lap.

Just look at successful people. They do things. They don’t wait passively for things to happen. They act. They too use the law of attraction, though not all of them are aware of this fact. In order to succeed you need to follow their example.
It is more reasonable to learn to use the law of attraction for small insignificant goals first, and only later, attempt to achieve greater goals.

The law of attraction isn’t something new. It has always been known and used and has been called by many names, the law of opulence, the power of attraction, mind power and creative visualization.

The law of attraction often attracts criticism from two groups of people, those who know nothing about it, and tend to criticize everything that common reason does not accept, and from people who did not how to use it correctly, and consequently got no results.

Just knowing about this law is not enough. The first step is to know exactly what you want and be sure about it, and then follow certain rules and instructions. There are many books on this subject, which you can read; some speak on this subject in a general way, while others offer working advice and instructions. Like any other subject, partial or vague knowledge is not enough, because this might lead to failure in using it, and then to disappointment, frustration and lack of belief.

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