Drama Belongs in the Theatre

Drama Bridge Water

‘My life is so hard right now.’ ‘So-and-so did this…’ ‘I’m so worried about that…’ ‘ I’m so busy…’ ‘I’m overwhelmed.’ ‘I’m so tired.’ ‘I’m so… fill in the blank.’

Does this sound familiar? Do you identify with the drama in your life and consider it normal? Be honest. Chances are that you’ve recently uttered one or more of those phrases, or something similar.

The drama played out repeatedly in our daily lives gives us a sense of who we are. Many of us believe that it is a fact of life, when the truth is, it is not even real. Drama is an illusionary state of being, based on our perceptions, which have been shaped over time by our past experiences. It appears real only because we choose to believe it. Drama becomes our reality as a result of what we bring often unconsciously to each situation.

How does drama manifest in your life?

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Peace Comes From Within

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. – Buddha –

  • If you have more money, would you be more peaceful?
  • If you achieve your dreams, would you experience more peace?
  • Do you think that you enjoy a state of inner peace, only after you are financially secure?
  • Do you believe that inner peace is dependent on external circumstances?

If you believe so, think again.

Inner peace is not dependent on circumstances or external situations. Inner peace comes from within you.

Often, after achieving something, finishing something, or solving a problem, you experience a brief moment of peace, but soon forget it, embarking on the next project, goal, task or problem. This sense of inner peace is of short duration, and is unstable.

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Worry is a State of Mind

You cannot always change your environment and the events of your life, but you can learn to change your attitude toward them. A change of attitude changes the way the environment and events affect you. It is always advisable to learn, and to practice, changing your attitude to a more positive one, and also learn … Continue Reading…

Visualization and World Peace

Some time ago I received an email, in which someone asked me whether it is possible to visualize world peace.

It would be a great thing to visualize world peace. Any positive thought projected into the atmosphere of the planet is beneficial. This energy is not wasted and has its affect on the world, but as long as most of the population does not think on world peace or visualize it, and does not desire it strongly enough, one person’s thoughts are not strong enough to affect the entire world.

Just think how much positive thought power can one person generate, compared to the total negative thinking of the entire planet! On the other hand, if a large group of people thinks and concentrates on world peace, the total power generated by them is stronger, than the power generated by one individual.

You have to take into account the fact that opposing thoughts can weaken or even neutralize other thoughts. The total strength of any power is dependent on the power generated, less any other power that opposes it. If one person visualizes world peace for half an hour a day, and billions of other people think the opposite or just don’t believe that peace is possible, the power generated would be quite small and not very effective.

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