Worry Is a State of Mind

Worry Is a State of Mind

You worry because when you have fears, doubts, or when you are uncertain about something.

Worry is a thought that keeps bothering you. You think, “What would happen if…” Various scenarios pass through the mind, but all of them are not real, but yet suffer. This means that worry is a state of mind.

Worries are negative thoughts that keep repeating themselves. If you let them go on, they get stronger and bother you more. They have the tendency to grow if you don’t stop them.

People often worry about things they cannot change. This is just a waste of precious time and energy. You might say that you cannot stop worrying. That’s not correct. You can, if you are earnest and persistent enough.

Sometimes, you can change situations and circumstances in your life. In these situation, you need to be decisive, take action and act. However, this is not always possible, and then you start worrying.

You cannot always change your environment and the events of your life, but you can learn to change your attitude toward them.

A change of attitude changes the way you see things, and this has a positive effect on how you feel. This also changes how the environment and events affect you.

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This means changing your state of mind, and this has favorable effect your body, mind and feelings.

It is always advisable to work on changing your attitude to a more positive one. This would be easier, if you associate with positive people, learn positive thinking, exercise your body, choose reading material that uplifts you, or find more reasons to laugh and smile.

You also learn to learn calm down your mind. This has to be done on a regular basis, and not only at the time when there are worries and problems. Meditation, learning to focus your mind and relaxation are some of the effective ways to do so.

You have to train yourself, so you stay positive and calm in difficult times.

Imagine someone, who doesn’t know to swim, falling into the water. He needs immediate help. You cannot start teaching him how to swim, but if he learned to swim before this event, there would have been no problem.

It is the same with being free from anxiety and worry. When in the midst of a difficult time you can use some first aid methods to keep your head above the water, but to remain peaceful and calm, unaffected by problems and worries, you should train yourself on a regular basis.

Ways to Change Your State of Mind

  1. Engage in something interesting and which you love doing.
  2. When worried, get busy doing something.
  3. Never lose hope that the situation would improve.
  4. For a few minutes, think about your worries. Will they help you in any way, or just waste your time and energy? Do you want them? Of course you don’t.
  5. Think about the fact that worries are just thoughts. They are negative thoughts, and therefore, you do not need them. If you keep thinking about them they will grow and get stronger. Do you want that? No matter how difficult it might be, try to focus on solutions, not on problems.
  6. In your mind, visualize yourself free from the problem causing the worry. If for example you have worries about money, replace these thoughts with mental images of yourself having a job and money at the bank.
  7. Worry is a state of mind. When you change your state of mind, you relieve yourself of your worries and invite happiness and inner peace.

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