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Can Visualization Bring World Peace?

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Some time ago, I received an email from one of the website’s visitors, asking whether it is possible to visualize world peace.

It would be a great thing to visualize world peace. Every positive thought projected into the atmosphere of the planet is beneficial.

Thoughts and World Peace

The energy of these thoughts is not wasted and has its affect on the world. However, as long as most of the population does not think about world peace, does not visualize it, and does not desire it strongly, the effect will not be strong enough.

The thoughts of a small percentage of the population can make changes in the world, but to affect the entire planet, more people need to visualize world peace. One or a few people’s thoughts are not strong enough to affect the entire world.

There are a lot of negative thoughts in the world created by almost everyone. To neutralize these thoughts, and substitute them with positive thoughts, a large number of people should think positively.

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A great number of people thinking and focusing on world peace can generate a lot of positive energy, stronger than the energy generated by one individual or a small group of people.

You have to take into account the fact that thoughts of different kind oppose and weaken each other, and can neutralize each other’s power.

The total strength of any power is dependent on the power generated, less other powers that oppose it.

If one person visualizes world peace for twenty minutes a day, and billions of other people think the opposite, or don’t believe that peace is possible, the positive power generated would be quite small and not very effective.

Attaining Inner Peace

It would be wiser and more effective, if you first create peace in your own life, because when you have peace, your peace would affect the world and people around you.

How can you produce peace, if you don’t live in peace with yourself, and are easily irritated and get angry quickly?

You first need to taste peace yourself and have it in your world, before being able to affect the external world.

To bring peace into the world, you first need to bring it into your own life.

You can attain inner peace by learning:

Visualization, concentration and meditation are great tools to secure real and lasting results. With their help you will be in a better position to bring peace to the world, even if it means only to the world around you, your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

This kind of peace can have a strong affect on your environment and on anyone who comes in contact with you.

By learning to calm down your restless and anxious thinking and impose peace on your mind, you will be less affected by anxieties, worries and negative thinking, and would attain inner peace.

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