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Love Affirmations for Attracting and Finding Love

Affirmations for Love

Do you believe that repeating love affirmations attract love into your life?

This might sound strange to most people who are not familiar with affirmations

Example of affirmation for love:
“I am attracting into my life a wonderful, loving and kind man/woman.”

You might have heard about the power of affirmations, and you are either a skeptic or a believer. It is also possible that you do not know what affirmations are, and have never tried them.

Affirmations are positive statements that describe something that you want. If you repeat these positive statements often, they sink into your subconscious mind, and become part of your mental attitude and behavior.

Affirmations about love can help you attract love into your life, and make you more loving and loved. It’s like using the law of attraction.

Affirmations can also change your habits and behavior, and affect your environment and the people around you.

In this article, we will focus on love affirmations.

Love Affirmations

Affirmations can help in many areas of your life, including attracting love.

Give love affirmations a chance. If you find it difficult to believe that affirmations can help, put your doubts on hold for a while.

Everyone wants love in his or her life. We want a loving partner, and we want people to love us. We want the love of our family and the love of friends, and we want harmonious relations with our colleagues.

In this article, I wish to suggest a few love affirmations for attracting love into your life. You will find affirmations for attracting a loving boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or a wife, and positive affirmations for love and romance. You will also find affirmations for love and harmony in the family.

Love Affirmations – How to Repeat Them

How do you repeat love affirmations, or any kind of affirmations about any topic? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Choose one or a few affirmations that most appeal to you from the list below.

2.Repeat affirmations as many times as you wish, whenever you have some free time, or when you are busy with something that requires attention. You may repeat them resting, traveling by bus or train, when walking, and when waiting line. You may also repeat them when sitting quietly in your room.

3. Find one or a few affirmations that are suitable for you and repeat them often. There is no need to repeat all the ones you find here.

4. You may repeat the affirmations mentally, aloud, or whisper them. Do whatever you find more convenient.

5. Believe the words you are repeating, and do not let doubts arise in your mind. Otherwise, you might neutralize the positive words you are repeating.

6. Avoid negative thoughts and feelings about love.

Love Affirmations to Attract Love into Your Life

Affirmations for love – finding and Attracting a boyfriend or girlfriend

How to manifest a boy friend? How to manifest a girlfriend? You can attract them with the help of the love affirmations below:

  1. “The right man for me is entering into my life right now.”
  2. “The right woman for me is entering my life right now.”
  3. “I am so happy that I have now a wonderful, loving and understanding boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  4. “I have a loving, understanding and supportive boyfriend.”
  5. “I deserve love and I receive love.”
  6. “I am worthy of love and respect.”
  7. “I am attracting infinite love and true love.”
  8. “I have a loving, understanding and supportive girlfriend.”
  9. “I am attracting into my life a wonderful, loving and kind man/woman.”
  10. “It is so pleasant and fun to be with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  11. “There is now so much love in my life.”
  12. “I have a healthy loving relationship.”
  13. “I am so happy to be blessed with a wonderful and loving boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Affirmations for Love, for Finding a Loving Husband or Wife, and for Marriage

  1. “I am willing and ready to let the right man/woman for me to enter into my life now.”
  2. “I have found a man who loves me very much and I love him.”
  3. “I am getting married to a wonderful, loving and understanding man/woman.”
  4. “I have found the right man/woman, and we are getting married now.”
  5. “I have found my loving life partner.”
  6. “I am so happy for having a wonderful and loving wife.”
  7. “I am so happy in the company of my loved one.”
  8. “I have a wonderful loving and satisfying relationships with my spouse.”
  9. “My spouse loves me and accepts me as I am.”
  10. “There is love in my life.”
  11. “Marriage is becoming a reality in my life.”
  12. “I have found to right person for me, and we are getting married.”
  13. “I am married happily to the man/woman who loves me.”
  14. “I am abundantly rich with the love of my spouse.”
  15. “I am blessed with a wonderful and the most satisfying marriage life.”
  16. “My husband/wife and I, share the same interests.”
  17. “I am experiencing love and warmth in my marriage.”
  18. “Love and happiness are constantly flowing into my marriage life.”
  19. “I am a loving and supporting partner.”
  20. “I am blessed with a loving husband/wife.”
  21. “My husband/wife and I, enjoy each other’s company.”
  22. “The Universe is showering love on my wife/husband and me.”

Inspiring Positive Affirmations for Love

Inspirational affirmation of love:
“The vibrations of love are filling me and the world around me.”

More affirmations on love:

  1. “I have a loving and supportive family.”
  2. “My life is full of love, happiness and satisfaction.”
  3. “There is love and harmony in my family.”
  4. “I have wonderful relationships with my husband/wife and children.”
  5. “Everyone I meet likes me and wants to be my friend.”
  6. “I have many good friends who enjoy my company and I enjoy theirs.”
  7. “People feel at ease when they are in my company.”
  8. “My colleagues like me and respect me.”
  9. “I am radiating love and affection toward the people I love.”
  10. “There is harmony and respect at my workplace.”

If you wish to learn more about affirmations and use them effectively, I suggest that you read my book, Affirmations – Words with Power.

In this book, you will find all the guidance you need, as well as a list of affirmations for love and relationships.

Another book that can help you manifest love is “Want to Find Your True Love“.

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Want to Find Your True Love?

Want to Find Your True Love?
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