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Why People Are Impatient


Why are some people impatient? Why do some people lose their patience quickly?

Some people are more impatient than other people are. Some show impatience in certain situations, and others show it in different situations.

There are various reasons why people are impatient. Knowing the reasons can help you deal with the people you encounter and meet daily, at work, on the street, and at home. This understanding can also help you discover whether you are quickly getting impatient and find ways to deal with it.

The Reasons Why Some People are Impatient

1. People who tend to get angry quickly usually lack patience. Impatience leads to anger and vice versa.

2. A person with a short attention span is faster to become impatient, especially if they have to focus on something more than a few moments.

3. Waiting too long awakens impatience. This happens when one waits for the bus, waits for a friend to arrive, or when there is a delay at the airport. Impatience often creeps in when you need to wait too long for something to happen.

4. You might become impatient when watching a movie or a show you dislike or reading a boring book.

5. If someone makes a promise and does not fulfill it, you might lose your patience. For example, if your boss promises you a promotion, but nothing happens, or if someone does not return a book or money that he borrowed from you, you would most probably become impatient. This might lead to anger, unhappiness, and lack of satisfaction.

6. When you are around people who move or act slowly, you might get impatient. This, for example, happens when paying at the store and the person in front of you is slow or when the driver in front of you drives very slowly.

7. If you have many tasks, you might get impatient when things go slowly or when you face obstacles.

8. Most people want instant gratification. They want results now, but this is not always possible. They do not want to wait, and they do not want to invest time and effort.

If they study a new language, they want to be able to converse in a short time. If they need a particular skill, they want to possess it instantly. They want to lose weight now and to get rich in a short time.

This is not the right approach since everything worthwhile in life requires time and effort to accomplish.

9. Some people are born impatient as part of their character. If they do nothing about this habit, in time, as they grow older, this habit might get stronger. Such a person is often impatient with other people, making them feel stressed. As bosses, they demand too much from their employees and create stress, resentment and unhappiness.

10. People nowadays look for fast methods to get what they want, but that is not always the wise thing to do. This attitude leads to superficiality in whatever they do.

11. Another reason is the fast pace of modern life, with long working hours and the desire to get quick results and achieve many goals. This kind of life leads to impatience, stress, and a lack of inner peace, which might harm one’s health.

12. Impatience can also be due to weak health and illness, and in this case, professional help would be needed.

Is It Possible to Become Patient?

After describing the reasons for impatience, you probably ask, do you think there is a solution? Is it possible to slow down, calm down, and become patient?

The answer is yes, it is possible, but this will need some work on your part. Are you ready to do this work? Are you ready to free yourself from this habit, which leads to anger, intolerance, nervousness, and broken relations?

All people who reached far in life had to develop patience.

Athletes need to practice day after day to become champions.

Great leaders in every area of life had to wait for their turn to gain power.

Captains of industries had to work day after day to gain what they have now.

Actors, writers, inventors, and people in every area of life who reached the top in their field had to be patient.

There are various ways to develop patience. One of the methods that works and delivers results involves improving one’s self-discipline. The more self-discipline you possess, the more patient you become. This has been the topic of my book, Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline.

You can also become more patient when you learn to calm down the restlessness of your mind. To achieve success with these methods, you need to practice them for some time. The rewards are great and worthwhile and can help you in every area of your life.