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Questions, Answers and Tips on Affirmations and Visualization

Questions, Answers and Tips

I have recently been asked questions about affirmations and visualization. Since the answers to those questions could be of interest and value to everyone, I would like to share them with you.

Questions and Answers about Affirmations

1. Do I have to repeat affirmations all the time?

It is optional to repeat affirmations all the time. Do so once in a while during the day. It is only feasible to repeat them all of the time since this might distract your attention when in certain situations where you need your full attention.

You need to choose just one or a few affirmations and repeat them at a time for a few minutes, several times a day.

2. When is the most effective time to repeat affirmations?

Affirmations are most effective before falling asleep at night and in the morning upon waking up. However, any other time is the right time to repeat them. You can repeat them during the day whenever you have the time. It is essential that you repeat them with interest, feeling, and love.

Questions and Answers about Visualization

3. Do I need to take action about my affirmations and visualization?

Strive to be aware of the opportunities that come your way and take advantage of them when they arrive. Also, do things that will take you closer to what you want to achieve.

Listen to your intuition – those gut feelings, and to the ideas your subconscious mind sends you, and do something about them. Opportunities and ideas will come, but you must act when they arrive. Don’t just wait for miracles to happen with no action on your part.

Questions About Mindset, Feelings and Desire

4. What kind of mindset do I need to have?

While affirming, please feel confident that what you are saying is true. If you become aware of doubts and negative thoughts entering your mind, don’t listen to them; keep affirming with complete faith that what you are affirming or visualizing is already true.

Don’t feel stressed or give up if you don’t get fast results. You need to persist and keep going since every goal requires a different time span to be achieved.

5. What about feelings and desire?

You need to put feelings, desire, and faith into your affirmations and visualization. Feelings and desire give them the energy they need to manifest.

Questions About Affirming and Visualizing Related to Present and Future

6. Do I need to fix a date for achieving my goals?

In my opinion, it is better not to fix a date for achieving goals with the help of affirmations or visualization. This will create unnecessary strain, and frustration if you don’t reach your goal by that date.

If you fix a date, you are forcing a situation to happen at a specific date, and this is not always possible. You cannot force things to happen. Often, certain events need to happen before a goal is accomplished, and you can’t put a time limit on them.

7. Do I have to imagine that my goal will happen in the future or the present?

In your mind’s eye, see your goal as real and true now, in the present. Use affirmations that speak about the present, using present tense words.

Visualize and affirm using the present tense, and leave it to the Universal Mind and the subconscious mind to bring what you desire in the best and fastest possible way.

More Questions About Working with Affirmations and Visualization

8. What do affirmations and visualization actually do?

Visualizing and affirming help you in various ways:

  • They motivate you.
  • They strengthen your ambition.
  • These mental activities trigger your subconscious mind into action. This, in turn, affects your attitude, actions, and reactions.
  • The mental images you visualize and the positive words you repeat help you become more aware of opportunities and things you can do, which, otherwise, you will not see or be aware of.
  • Both affirmations and visualization affect your environment, open doors, attract opportunities and people, and draw what you want to you.

A Question About Taking Action

9. Do I need to take action or wait for things to happen?

It would be best to take action when your mind brings up a plan or when your intuition tells you to do something that might help you get what you want.

Visualization and affirmations create the opportunity and make you aware of it, but you need action to seize it. However, sometimes, things might happen, as if miraculously, without taking action, but don’t rely on this, since more than often, things happen normally and gradually.

Ambition and Motivation

10. Can visualization or affirmations increase my ambition and motivation?

Yes, they can when you use them correctly. Taking advantage of the power of affirmations and visualization and using them repeatedly with faith can increase your confidence, increase your inner strength, and awaken the necessary ambition, motivation, and energy to take action and do things.

11. Can I use just visualization or affirmations, or do I need to use them both?

You can use them both at the same time or at different times, or just use one of them. Of course, if you combine them and use both of them, you will increase your chances of success.

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