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21st Century Skills: How to Be a Good Worker in Any Field

How to Be a Good Worker

In our modern world, it’s not enough to have a good set of professional skills to land a decent and well-paid position. And you have probably noticed that employers pay attention to people’s soft skills even more.

Surely, it depends on the profession, but if candidates have similar abilities, the only thing that will help you win is interpersonal skills.

Every modern employee seeking a great position should be aware of 21st-century skills that are universal and can be applied in any sphere.

This information will be highly relevant to you if you are starting your career path or want to land a different job. It’ll be useful for performing at work and building a professional resume.

In this article, you will discover a set of universal job skills that will enable you to become a professional in any career.

What Are 21 Century Skills?

Let’s go deeper into the notion of 21st-century skills and define whether it concerns an employee’s good habits or something more. We understand that these are skills and abilities without which it’s impossible to survive in the competitive job market in the 21st century.

Today businesses, educators, and governmental agencies need a person to be versatile and able to adjust to rapid changes.

A highly changeable society and workplace require these applied or soft skills so that a person performs different tasks in different positions and be prepared for them mentally.
The scientists have grouped these skills into three main areas:

Learning and Innovation Skills

If you want to become a successful worker mind you have developed critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Digital Literacy Skills

Our digitized world makes it crucial that a person masters information and media literacy, as well as Information and communication technologies.

Career and Life Skills

And the final set of skills includes flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, social, cross-cultural interaction, productivity, and accountability.

Now you know the basics and have a picture of what the concept signifies. Let’s move to the list of universal job skills.

Learning Framework

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5 Top Skills You Need to Master

We are sure that you have excellent professional skills, and now it’s time to explore which abilities can make you a successful worker. Some skills are inborn, and the others you need to develop as it depends on personality.

Train and learn to become a better version of yourself and reach new heights of success.


Teamwork is one of the most essential job skills in the modern world, and a person needs to know how to effectively interact with colleagues, clients, and superiors.

Many jobs require team collaboration, and the company will not progress if the staff is not doing well.

You should be able to build healthy relationships with the environment and manifest your personality properly.

In order to become a good teammate, it’s not necessary to give up on your needs and ideas to please someone else. You should feel free in a team, be honest, respect others, and build communication in a way to be heard and respected.

It’ll help you to achieve new goals, find like-minded friends, and boost your company productivity.

Empathy and active listening are among the keynote elements of a strong team. When you understand people’s motives, it becomes easier to communicate and collaborate with them. Meet after work, spend breaks together, and use social media, and different services like the Slack communication platform to keep in touch.


Today, everyone is aware of this concept, but not all can apply it in real life. Frankly speaking, you must master multitasking as it is the main prerequisite for your growth and success.

At any position you land, there will be an influx of different tasks and duties. In order to keep balance and avoid burnout, pay attention to tips and develop these soft skills.

First of all, you need to prioritize the tasks and complete them according to the level of importance and urgency.

Train to plan your work, and this ability will help you manage a bunch of tasks successfully. Consider that multitasking is not only about quantity but also quality, and you should do your work well.

It’s essential to avoid distractions to boost productivity and perform more tasks. Learn to delegate work to reduce your tension and meet deadlines.


A successful worker can adjust to unpredictable circumstances and not lose self-control and productivity. It’s priceless to meet changes without stress and help others.

For instance, your company gets an urgent project with tight deadlines, and some team members cannot join. In this situation, you should keep calm and deal with unexpected tasks effectively. It may be challenging to develop this skill, but we can help you with it.

Firstly, develop a trustworthy and supportive environment in a team to rely on them when necessary.

Another crucial tip is to plan your tasks not to miss anything out when something unexpected comes, and you can delegate it to someone.

Always measure risks and stay calm, as nervousness is detrimental to a fast and effective work process.

Open-mindedness and an optimistic mood are useful in any situation with any person, so focus on the positive.

Public Speaking

The ability to speak in a group is one of the most highly valued job skills. It can help you build a strong leadership position and occupy important roles in the workplace. This soft skill requires you to know how to engage with the audience and have excellent communication skills.

When you make presentations to your colleagues or any other group of people, it’s vital you feel confident in any circumstances. And here, we mean the ability to attract the audience’s attention both during online and offline meetings.

Public speaking entails not only your communication skills but also abilities to benefit from different technological advancements when delivering a speech. A Movavi slideshow maker is a useful tool for visual reinforcement of information.

In order to develop public speaking skills, you need to train your articulation, maintain eye contact, and learn to assess the needs of the audience. Speak in front of a mirror, your friends, and your family, or record yourself to improve this soft skill.

Time Management

In the list of professional skills, time management occupies a significant position as it signifies a worker is well organized. Knowing how to deal with your time properly is useful for any profession. It means that you are less stressful, and can complete more tasks in a shorter time that leads to success.

Employers pay attention to this skill since an individual who practices good time management can better achieve goals and objectives.

However, this skill should not be a simple phrase in your CV, and you have to prove it by examples. Here you can add that you meet deadlines, know well how to schedule, appoint meetings, solve problems, and prioritize tasks.

If you want to develop this skill before applying to a job, train a lot and learn to plan.

When completing different tasks, set time and take breaks between them. There are many useful programs for planning and scheduling, like the Scoro Time-Management tool. Once you practice organizing your time, you will benefit from productivity increase, efficient workflow, and less tension.


Now you can become a professional in any field as these universal tips apply to everyone willing to succeed.

Do not be afraid to learn something new during your life, as the more you know, the more you achieve. When trying to master all these skills, do not overdo as we’re all different, and it doesn’t mean that everyone should be open-minded leaders.

In any case, a person with positive thinking will attract employers and become a successful worker.