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Passive Concentration Versus Active Concentration

What is the difference between passive concentration and active concentration? Are they different? As you know, concentration is very important in everyone’s life, and it is one of the main factors for success or failure in all areas of life. Most people find it difficult to focus their mind. However, there are times when they do concentrate, but this is …

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Lack of Concentration and Focus

Do You Experience Lack of Concentration and Focus?

Lack of concentration and focus seems to worry a great number of people. With the widespread of short attention span, this problem seems to grow stronger. It seems that lack of concentration has become a widespread problem, irrespective of age, gender or country. People, often ask me what to do to improve their concentration. They wish to know if there …

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Keep Your Mind From Wandering

How to Keep Your Mind From Wandering

It is the habit of the mind to wander and move from one thing to another. What happens when you sit quietly for a few minutes trying to think about a certain subject, or just sit down to relax? Next time you do this, try to watch your mind, and you will discover that it flits around like a butterfly, …

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The Power of Attention

The Power of Attention – Focusing the Consciousness

In his book, Raja Yoga, Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson) says about the power of attention: “The word Attention is derived from two Latin words ‘ad tendere’, meaning ‘to stretch toward,’ which is really what attention is. The ‘I’ wills that the mind be focused on some particular object or thing, and the mind obeys and ‘stretches toward’ that object …

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Overcome Disturbing

How to Overcome Disturbing and Distracting Thoughts

Here is a question somebody asked me, which is relevant to a great number of people: “I cannot concentrate on things, and I get some things in my mind which really come again and again while doing things, and this makes me very sad. Please help.” What you focus on grows. If you keep focusing on worries, you only encourage …

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Shutting off the Mind

The Benefits of Shutting off the Mind

Do you find it difficult to shut off the constant chatter of the mind when you need to focus, meditate, read or study? Is it difficult to shut off your mind when you need to rest or sleep? Do you find lack of concentration and distracting thoughts overwhelming, when you try to concentrate, meditate, or follow any personal growth or …

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Concentration versus Multitasking

Concentration versus Multitasking – Which Is Better

Concentration and multitasking, can they go together? I have been asked whether improving one’s concentration might interfere with one’s multi-tasking ability. Concentration means doing one thing at a time or thinking on one thought, and this is the opposite of multi-tasking, where you try to do several things at the same time. When we do several things at the same …

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Tips to Improve Your Concentration

10 Effective Tips for Improving Your Concentration Skills

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell Do you wish to strengthen your concentration skills? Do you want to know how to increase your focus? Why should you care about improving your concentration skills? There are many reasons why you should care. Improving …

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Distracting Thoughts

What to Do About Distracting Thoughts When Trying to Concentrate

It seems that most people have difficulty to focus their mind and ignore other thoughts. There are many distractions which attract the attention. What is concentration? What does it mean to concentrate? Concentration is the exclusive attention to one subject. It is the ability to make one thought or action the main and only point of attention. It means the …

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Don't Hold your Breath when Concentrating

Don’t Hold Your Breath When Concentrating

Do you hold your breath when trying to concentrate? Many do so, as if holding the breath helps to concentrate. This, of course, is done unconsciously, but it creates physical and mental strain, which is absolutely unnecessary, not healthy, and disturbs the concentration. You have to be aware of this tendency of holding your breath, and when it happens, relax …

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