Concentration versus Multitasking – Which Is Better

Concentration and multitasking, can they go together?

I have been asked whether improving one’s concentration might interfere with one’s multi-tasking ability. Concentration means doing one thing at a time or thinking on one thought, and this is the opposite of multi-tasking, where you try to do several things at the same time.

The mind can think and focus on one thought, object or action at a time. When we do several things at the same time, we are actually moving our attention quickly from one thought or object to another, and it only seems to us that we are focusing on several tasks at the same time.

Multitasking can become tiring, and could interfere with completing tasks successfully, because it does not allow us to focus on each task long and intently enough.

After developing a certain degree of concentration ability, you will able to hold the mind for longer periods exclusively on one subject, and you will be able to study/understand/accomplish everything better and more efficiently.

With a better concentration ability, it will be easier for you to focus your mind on one thing, subject or task, and it will also be easier to handle several tasks at the same time when you need to.

Concentration allows you to focus your attention on one thing at a time, and therefore, get better results and carry out everything more efficiently. With multitasking, you divide your attention, and move your focus from one thing to another, and therefore, lose energy and time, and might do mistakes and errors because you are not attentive enough.

By learning to focus your attention, you learn to keep it in one place, as opposed to multitasking, where you move it swiftly, from one task to another.

Learning to keep your attention on one thing, which is concentration, would enable you to disregard and reject unwanted thoughts, and this means greater inner peace and tranquility.

With greater inner peace, you attain greater control of your mind and your thoughts, and it becomes easier to clear your mind from irrelevant thoughts when you need to focus.

Don’t be afraid that improving your concentration would make your mind rigid and inflexible. On the contrary, it will strengthen and make sharper all your five senses, enhance your intuition, make your mind more peaceful, and would help you in many ways.

Just think, when do you accomplish more, when you focus your full attention on a single task, or when you watch TV, read mail, chat with friends on the phone or text them, all at the same time?

Which task takes less time and effort to accomplish, one that you fix your attention on, or one where you try to carry out with several other tasks at the same time?

This should be obvious. So what do you choose, concentration or multitasking?

Multitasking might sometimes be necessary, but doing one thing at a time seems a better thing to do.

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