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Personal Development and Motivational Blogs for 2015


I am happy to announce that my website has been included in two lists, featuring top blogs in the personal development and motivational spheres for 2015.

The first list is the ‘Top 100 Personal Development Blogs for 2015’, featured in ‘The Start of Happiness’.

Dan, the owner of the blog, has created is a list of personal development blogs that rank from the largest number of visitors down to the least number of visitors.

This is a comprehensive list of personal development blogs currently on the internet, which you will find useful and helpful in your quest for better, happier, and more successful life.

You will find listed number 31 on the list.

The second list is ‘The Top 25 Motivational Blogs for 2015’, featured on ‘Wealthy Gorilla’.

This website is aimed towards motivating and inspiring people. Dan, the owner of the website, decided to create a list of the top motivational blogs that he has either been reading often for quite a while, or have stumbled upon recently.

You will find listed number 15 on the list.

There are a lot people nowadays, searching for advice, tips and information about personal development and motivation. These two lists save you time, since someone else searched and listed for you, websites with good and useful information.

I would like to thank Brendan, for including my blog in his list of the top 100 personal developments blogs for 2015 at his blog, ‘The Start of Happiness’.

I would also like to thank Dan, for including my website in his list of the top 25 Motivational Blogs, at his website, ‘Wealthy Gorilla’.