Noisy Environment

Living in a Noisy Environment

Are you living in a noisy environment? What do you do about it? Someone has asked me the following question: “I understand it is important to own your mind, but what if you live next door to really noisy people who drive you crazy and make you lose you sleep?” …

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Worry Is a State of Mind

Worrying Is a State of Mind – You Can Stop It

Do worries occupy your mind sometimes? Why do you worry? You worry because you have fears, doubts, or when you are uncertain about something. Worries are thoughts that keep bothering you. You think, “What would happen if…”. When you worry, various scenarios pass through the mind, but all of them …

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Do You Need All Your Thoughts

Do You Need All Your Thoughts?

Are you aware of the thoughts that pass through your mind? Do you remember what you thought a few minutes ago? Do you know how many thoughts pass through your mind in 24 hours? Do all your thoughts originate in your mind? Are they your own thoughts or other people’s …

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The Peace of the Morning

The Peace of the Morning – Free Time for You

Do you wake up early or late? If you usually wake up late, try waking up early in the morning for several days. Not just wake up, but get out of your bed and wash your face. You will discover that the early morning hours are so peaceful, beautiful and …

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Watching Thoughts and Being More Mindful

Watching Thoughts and Being More Mindful

Thoughts keep pouring into your mind. Memories keep welling up. For hours, and sometimes days, you go on thinking about things people said about you, discussing them in your mind, and sometimes, reaching completely wrong conclusions. You dwell on hurt feelings, real or imaginary, and let mental images of fear, …

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Clearing the Mind

How to Clear Your Mind from Thoughts

Do you wish to clear your mind from thoughts, so you can focus better, free yourself from stress, and stop being absent-minded? A website visitor has recently asked the following question: “So you are saying once our mind is cleared, we start experiencing inner peace, but what is the most important …

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Calm Your Mind

How to Calm Your Mind and Your Thoughts

There are various ways to calm the mind and the huge number of thoughts that keep passing through the mind. Why do you need to calm your mind at all? Most people appreciate a calm and tranquil mind only when under pressure, when they worry, or when they need to …

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Peace of Mind

Are You Seeking Peace of Mind

We all seek peace of mind in one way or another, in one form or another. All of us desire some degree of tranquility, rest, or time out from daily chores and tasks, from stress, problems, the news, people and the rush of daily life. There are many ways to …

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Lack of Peace

Do You Lack Inner Peace In Your Life?

Do you often find yourself thinking nonstop? Do you sometimes, feel that your mind is going to explode from thoughts that don’t stop for one moment? Are you wishing sometimes that your mind could just stop thinking for a little while, and let you enjoy some rest and peace? Do …

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Inner Peace Meditation

Video for Inner Peace Meditation

I am happy to announce that I have uploaded today a new video to, called ‘Inner Peace Meditation’. It was created by Dorina, my wife, and is about 3 minutes long. It is a beautiful and relaxing video, and I am sure you will like watching it. ‘Inner Peace …

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