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Do You Go on a Mental Vacation Every Now and Then?

Mental Vacation

Do you go for a vacation now and then? Most people do. However, you cannot leave your work whenever you want, and in most cases, it is once a year, sometimes twice.

There is another kind of vacation, which you can enjoy, without asking anyone for permission. You can go on this vacation almost at any time or place you want. Its effects are no smaller than an actual vacation, when you leave work and home and travel somewhere. I refer to a mental vacation.

Sounds strange? No, it’s not strange at all. There are various forms of mental vacations, but one of them is familiar, and you enjoy it almost daily. It is daydreaming. Almost everyone daydreams, at least several times a day. For a few moments, you forget your work, chores and problems, and enjoy being in a different world.

I am not advocating daydreaming or speaking against it. I am only mentioning it as a fact. Daydreaming is just one kind of mental vacation, but there are other kinds too.

How to Go on a Mental Vacation

1) I have already mentioned daydreaming. However, you should endeavor to daydream only about pleasant situations, and on what you really want or enjoy doing.

2) Sleep is also a kind of vacation. To make it a more enjoyable vacation, when you enter your bed at night, think about the things you enjoyed in the past or about things you want. Avoid negative thinking.

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3) Try not to think of anything in particular. If you have experience with meditation, this should be easier for you. Just do what you are doing, but with calmness, and with a sense of detachment. This might not be easy at the beginning, but with perseverance you will gradually gain this important skill.

4) Emptying your mind of thoughts is a real and truly relaxing vacation. This kind of vacation can go on, even while working, studying, or doing anything else. However, it is not so common, since it requires some inner work and training.

5) Reading a few inspiring quotes. This relaxes your mind and is helpful for motivation and recharging yourself.

There are other ways too, but I preferred to focus only on activities that you can do at any time or place. I can also add meditation, enjoying a hobby or reading a book. They are great ways to relax the mind, but you cannot do them at any time or place.

You can use the methods mentioned above once in a while, for a few moments at work. You can use them while walking, waiting in line, travelling in a train or bus, washing the dishes or watching TV. You can also use them between tasks and chores.

The Benefits of a Mental Vacation

  • You give rest to your brain and mind. It calms down your mind and helps you focus better.
  • It gives you a break from work, from studies, and from tasks, and also makes you forget for a while your problems, obstacles and difficulties, just like a true vacation.

Did you know that the word vacation comes from the root vacate, which means to empty? Going on a vacation means to empty your life from the obligations and the tasks of daily life. It is important to recharge yourself and calm your nerves, mind and body once in a while, and a mental vacation helps you do just that.