Peace of Mind

Are You Seeking Peace of Mind

We all seek peace of mind in one way or another, in one form or another. All of us desire some degree of tranquility, rest, or time out from daily chores and tasks, from stress, problems, the news, people and the rush of daily life. There are many ways to …

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Lack of Peace

Do You Lack Inner Peace In Your Life?

Do you often find yourself thinking nonstop? Do you sometimes, feel that your mind is going to explode from thoughts that don’t stop for one moment? Are you wishing sometimes that your mind could just stop thinking for a little while, and let you enjoy some rest and peace? Do …

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Inner Peace Meditation

Video for Inner Peace Meditation

I am happy to announce that I have uploaded today a new video to, called ‘Inner Peace Meditation’. It was created by Dorina, my wife, and is about 3 minutes long. It is a beautiful and relaxing video, and I am sure you will like watching it. ‘Inner Peace …

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Restless Thoughts

Restless Thoughts Are Like Restless Fish

Are you aware of the restlessness of your thoughts? If you could watch your mind, you would see that it jumps from one thought to another, never standing still. The mind is always busy, too often with trivial matters. One moment you might be thinking about one thing, and the …

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Peace in the World

Can Visualization Bring World Peace?

Some time ago, I received an email from one of the website’s visitors, asking whether it is possible to create world peace trough visualization. It would be great to visualize world peace, since every positive thought projected into the atmosphere of the planet is beneficial. Yet, is this possible? Your …

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