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5 Meditation Practices that Will Help You Gain Self-Confidence

Meditation for Self Confidence

Low self-esteem takes away our inner strength, poisons our thoughts and feelings, and makes our life full of stress. But there is good news: You can build confidence and grow self-esteem in the comfort of your home with regular meditation practice.

All you need is to spend less than 15 minutes a day meditating. Want to try?

What Is Self-Confidence?

People with low self-confidence often can’t maintain eye contact, allow negative self-talk, can’t say “no,” and often get hurt by toxic people.

Employees with low self-respect can tolerate an unloved job for years or never show their talent because they don’t feel confident about it.

When feeling confident and having adequate self-esteem, people value their time, energy, and physical and mental health, and they believe they deserve well-being.

If you want to build confidence, add positive vibes to your life, recharge your body, become aware of your feelings, and stabilize your mental state, try confidence meditation.

Wondering how meditation increases self-confidence? Well, read on!

Confidence Through Meditation: How Is That Possible?

Let’s start with what happens during mindfulness meditation when you focus on your breath, body, or object. From the moment you start meditating, your breath cycle gets longer, which calms down your thoughts and feelings and makes you focus on the present moment.

Deep breathing also enriches your blood with oxygen, normalizes your heart rate, and removes stress hormones.

As you concentrate on relaxation, your muscles begin to relax. This helps your organism balance hormones and remove toxins. Little by little, you let go of tough emotions, sadness, fear, and anxiety.

And with regular practice of guided meditations, you teach yourself to do that faster. This trains your mindfulness and improves the ability to stay aware of your negative thoughts and gain control over them.

Such awareness practice takes you to the natural state of loving kindness, positive thinking, and compassion. And meditating regularly returns a sense of self-confidence.

Each time you finish a meditation practice, you feel refreshed, attentive to your emotions, and connected to your body. The feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty will gradually leave your life.

This happens because meditation helps reveal triggers hidden inside and release disruptive feelings. So, gaining confidence through meditation is more than possible.

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5 Meditation Practices that Will Help You Gain Self-Confidence

Each of the five meditation exercises below is a powerful technique that can change your life because each meditation improves self-confidence.

You’ll be looking forward to the moment you start your guided meditation.

That’s because it’ll stop the negative self-talk in your head, improve your self-esteem, and let you see yourself from the perspective of loving kindness and creativity.

It’s essential to meditate in comfortable, loose clothes to maximize the effect of your mindfulness meditation. Ensure that there’s only you and quiet or calm meditation music while you go through your confidence meditation. Keep your eyes closed.

No matter the bad mood, negative feelings, or stress, meditate on a daily basis. Even if the whole world is in ruins, keep meditating. Meeting this commitment will be another contribution to your self-belief that will make you more confident.

Now let’s find out the best ways to practice.

1. Relaxing Muscles Meditation

Lie down on a mat with your face up, close your eyes and spread your legs and arms.

Think over the moment and space you’re in: You’re where you must be and doing what you need – growing confidence through meditation. Rate your self-esteem from 1 to 10.

Feel how your body touches the surface and “surrender to this world.” Relax and simply watch your breath for a couple of minutes, and then begin making it longer.

At this moment, your mindfulness grows, and you need to focus on your right foot and relax it slowly, then imagine how your left foot slackens too. Now go to your lower and upper legs, lower and upper back, arms, neck, and face.

You may experience a sudden rush of emotions, intense feelings, or an unexpected sense in your body. Allow this to happen and let them go.

As you finish, slowly move your arms and legs, turn to your side, and sit. Thank yourself for the meditation, assess your self-esteem and feel you’re more relaxed and confident now. Or just fall asleep with these thoughts.

2. Breathing Through Your Spine Meditation

Sit on the edge of a chair and put your feet on the floor. Put your hands on your legs, letting your right palm rest on the top of the left. You can use a pillar for more comfort.

Keep your back and neck straight yet relaxed. Your tongue should rest on the palate.

You’ll need some time to teach your body to stay static. Concentrate on the present moment, let go of the negative thoughts, and devote this guided meditation to growing your self-worth.

Focus on the feeling of being connected to the earth with your feet and let its energy flow through. Begin slowing your breathing and imagine how the shining pillar goes up through your spine from its base as you breathe in.

Now let it go back, starting from the top of your head. Repeat this for several minutes and gradually increase your meditation time.

Practice mindfulness, and over time, you’ll develop the ability to concentrate. And your low self-esteem will grow with your meditation confidence. Don’t forget to thank yourself at the end.

3. Imagining an Energy Source Meditation

Sit on the edge of a chair as if preparing for the second exercise. Or you can sit in the Half Lotus yoga meditation pose. Let your right palm rest on the top of the left and lay them down naturally.

Take 3-5 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

And now, imagine the source of well-being in front of you. It can be a big white or gold sphere with the energy of self-confidence inside. Throw your negative thoughts, self-doubt, and hurting feelings into this life power source.

And now imagine how this ball creates a stream of pure and healing energy in your heart. Feel how its warmth spreads all over your body as you meditate, improves your self-esteem, and makes you more confident.

4. Breathing by Switching Nostrils Meditation

You’ll also hear this meditation called Anulom Vilom Pranayama. This meditation helps balance the active and passive energies in your body. Also, this guided meditation helps you live in the moment, develop a sense of self-worth, and boost mindfulness and self-esteem.

You’ll need to sit in Half Lotus with your back straight and leave your left hand lying naturally. With the thumb of your right hand, you’ll be closing the right nostril and the left nostril with the ring finger. Train a bit to be confident in doing this.

Now close your right nostril and breathe in with the left. Imagine how cool, calming air goes to the space between your eyebrows. Hold your breath for two seconds, “mixing” the air in your head, switch nostrils and breathe out the warm air. Imagine how your low self-confidence goes out with that air.

Now breathe in hot, activating air with the same (right) nostril, mix it, and breathe out through the left. Make 9 or 18 series and then sit for a while, breathing naturally. Got confused? Stay positive; it shouldn’t be harder than martial arts, though!

5. Smiling at Your Organs Meditation

Though smiling at your heart or lungs can seem strange at first, this powerful exercise brings positive vibes to your mind, grows awareness, and enriches feelings. That’s another effective exercise for building confidence and boosting low self-esteem.

Prepare yourself as described in the second practice and breathe slowly. Now imagine a source of energy in front of you and smile. Let that energy flow inside through the space between your eyebrows.

Let it embrace your eyes, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs. Smile to every organ while visualizing it being soothed by this warm energy downpour. See how it washes away low confidence and low self-esteem.

Start Meditating Today

These five practices will help you grow confidence through meditation and increase your life awareness. Not every exercise will be a simple practice, so choose the one you can master.

Developing mindfulness and practicing meditation improves your concentration abilities and mental health.

So, meditate regularly to become more confident in this activity. Also, meditation helps improve low self-esteem and makes life happier.

About the Author
Lia Medvedeva is a meditation coach at She is also an expert in meditation practices, well-being, personal growth, and self-motivation. Lia uses extra professional meditation guidelines for helping people heal and find inner peace.

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