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Meditation Is the Antidote to Stress and Worries

Meditation Antidote to Stress

Meditation has always been recognized as the antidote and remedy for stress, worry and fear. It is not a magical medicine, and the results do not show overnight, but they are assured, if you commit yourself to meditate every day.

We are living in a world full of tensions, stress and worries.

Work, relationships, financial conditions, health, dangers and fears provide enough fuel for stress, anxiety and worries. They prevent inner peace, produce toxins in the body, injure the health and disturb life.

The mind and the body need something to relax and calm them down, and this is one of the roles of meditation. Its effects last not only during the time you sit down to meditate, but also throughout the day.

The Motivation to Practice Meditation

You might find it is difficult to start to meditate, because you are not motivated to do so. You might also feel the need for proof of the benefits of meditation, before you begin.

Reading about meditation and about the research done about it can help. Reading about the experiences of people who have been practicing meditation, as well as meeting such people, can trigger motivation and desire.

If you approach meditation with interest and love, you will develop the patience and persistence necessary for success. Soon, the ten or twenty minutes of meditation you begin with, will extend to thirty minutes and even more.

As in every other area, here too, when you start to see results, your ambition and desire to succeed would grow.

Meditation Techniques

Choose to follow a meditation technique that you feel comfortable with.

There are many sources where you can learn about the various techniques of meditation. I recommend you start with something simple. Meditation must be simple, not complicated.

You can find a few techniques here, at this website, for example:

Mantra Meditation

Candle Meditation

Water Meditation

You might first need to experiment a little. Do not force yourself to do something that you do not like to do. This produces tension, which you should avoid.

If you feel uncomfortable with a certain kind of meditation, try some other technique, but once you find one that you feel okay with, stick to it.

Meditation Relieves Stress and Worries

After practicing meditation for some time, you will discover that your inner peace level is growing, and situations that previously caused you to worry and feel stressed lose their power to affect you.

You will also find that physical, emotional and mental tensions gradually start to diminish, and the door to peace of mind is opening for you.

The act of meditation will gradually take your mind and thoughts away from worries and stress, and bring inner peace. The external world will stop affecting how you feel and think, and both your mind and body would relax.

The practice of meditation would also affect the metabolism of the body, cleanse the body from toxins, and provide renewed energy.

Meditation is the antidote to tensions, fears and worries that people go through. Its accumulated effects make it easier to stay calm under difficult situations, and thus get over them or steer away from them.

Meditation gives you not only peace of mind, but it also increases your inner strength, willpower, and self-discipline. It is an important tool for a happier and more relaxed life for everyone.

Meditation is a great tool not only for the seeker after spiritual awakening and enlightenment, but for every person who wishes to live a calm and peaceful life and maintain sanity in a hectic world.

Meditation is truly the antidote to stress and worries.

Meditation would help you relieve stress and worries irrespective of what you do in life. You may at work in an office or in a shop, in a factory, a business or a bank. You may own a business, or be an employee, live in a city or in a faraway place.

No matter what you do in life, you will find meditation useful.

Meditation enables you to free yourself from stress, tension and unnecessary thinking, and it opens the door to happiness and inner peace.

Many studies have been conducted about the effects of meditation on stress and anxiety.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University sifted through over 18,000 mindfulness meditation studies to determine its most effective uses. They concluded that the number one use for meditation was anxiety relief. says, “Mindfulness meditation programs have shown promise for the treatment of anxiety, one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S”.

An article published by Ashford University speaks about “Meditation as Stress Relief for Students”.

These are just few of the articles about the effects of meditation. You can find many more by conducting a search on the Internet.