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The Law Of Attraction: Can You Make It Work?

The Law Of Attraction

On many law of attraction forums and websites you’ll see questions about how to make the law of attraction work.

How can I attract more money?
Can I attract true love?

As a law of attraction coach, I feel a pang of frustration: I want to help all of those people at once because the answer is actually very simple. The problem with the answer is that its very simplicity makes people doubt it.

Before I tell you what that answer is, let us be clear about the nature of the problem. A little insight into human (i.e. your own), psychology can save you a great deal of trouble and soul-searching later on.

We Are Living in the Age of the “Quick Fix.”

As somebody pointed out not so long ago, most of our mothers and grandmothers would spend every Sunday preparing the family dinner. Now we live in a time where we stand in front of the microwave shouting, “Hurry up!”

The law of attraction has caught the public imagination, partly due, to mass communication the like of which the world has never seen.

However, it also became popular, because we all want to believe that success, happiness and personal fulfillment can not only be ours, and that we aren’t merely subject to fate and luck to have them show up in our lives.

In other words, the law of attraction is regarded as another “technique” that, if applied correctly will bring the desired results.

The truth is it will bring you all you desire, but it isn’t a “thing” you can “apply.” It’s a law – you either live within it or you go against it.

You’ll know if you’re going against it. You’ll feel stressed, anxious and worried a lot of the time. You may get sick if you make that a lifestyle. You’ll believe that things happen through struggle, gargantuan quantities of effort and often strife.

You may even believe that you can’t have all the good things unless you go through some pain.

Going with it means the opposite, of course. You’ll feel great almost every day. Even when things stray off course you’ll be relaxed about it, knowing that a new way will open up and you will get through it.

And even whilst you’re going through tougher times, you’ll see the experience as an adventure.

The Law of Attraction Is a Way of Living

Living in that space means being at peace with yourself and the world. It means that you don’t see other people in the same business as rivals but as co-pilots in the same boat as you. You sense connection with all that is – including your desires.

Viewed this way, the law of attraction isn’t something you do, it’s something you are. It’s a way of living life, a way of being.

All those people who are asking to attract more money or love, or indeed anything, are looking through the wrong end of the telescope, as it were.

They are looking at the situation they are in and essentially wishing it was different. In other words, they are focusing outwards on what is. What they need to learn to do is to focus inwards and become what they want.

How Do You Become More Money?

It’s a fair question, and of course you can’t do that. But you can feel prosperous. You can make it a habit to notice what you have instead of what you’re missing.

What you have doesn’t have to be cash, you know. You can notice that you have health, a view from your window and a computer to read this on. And that’s just the start.

It’s the emotion that pulls the new circumstances towards you. Or, as I like to spell it, it’s the e-motion that does the trick. “e,” if you recall, stands for energy as in e=mc2. E-motion is thus energy in motion. It’s that movement of energy that will harmonize with the desired outcome.

The answer to the question “Can you make the law of attraction work?” is, as I promised very simple.

You make you inner world feel the way you want your outer world to show up. That is a simple answer and it qualifies as a “yes.” Not necessarily simple to execute I know. But at least you know where to start.

About the Author
Trevor Emdon is the British success coach who trained in everything from psychotherapy to metaphysics. He writes and teaches success, happiness and personal fulfillment programs. He firmly believes every one of us can achieve all of our dreams – what else would life be for? His mission statement is “Changing lives for the better forever.” Website –