Does Creative Visualization Work and Produce Results?

Does Creative Visualization Work

Does creative visualization work? Does it produce results?

If you have read or heard about creative visualization, you have probably asked yourself this question.

For those of you who have never heard about it before, the short definition is: “The technique of using the imagination to change reality.” Simply put, what you think and visualize in your mind tends to become true in your life.

This does not mean everything you imagine will come true. To make this mental technique work, you need to know how to use it effectively.

Creative visualization, the mental technique that turns dreams into reality, works according to certain natural laws. Understanding these laws and learning to use them can produce real results.

People who have practiced this mental technique discovered that creative visualization works and that circumstances and events follow one’s thoughts.

If you think about any situation or past event in your life, you will discover that certain kinds of thoughts preceded it. You will find out that, in many cases, a particular event followed particular thoughts.

The thoughts that you often repeat tend to affect your reality.

Why Visualization Produces Results

Does creative visualization work? If it works, why does it work?

There are various reasons why what you imagine in your mind turns into reality. Here are a few of them:

  1. Repeating the same thoughts day after day affects your subconscious mind, behavior, and habits. This works like auto suggestions. In this way, new habits are formed.
  2. The thoughts that sink into your subconscious mind motivate and drive you to act according to these thoughts.
  3. Each thought you think arouses an associated emotion. If the emotion is strong enough, it incites to action. Thoughts energized by emotions kindle the ambition, drive you to act energetically, and lead you to take definite action.
  4. A clear mental image spreads from the mind of the person thinking it and is transmitted to other minds. Whoever is receptive to this kind of thought might perceive it and act on it, thus being the agent to fulfill your goal.
  5. Thoughts are like a magnet; they attract similar thoughts and circumstances. Thinking one thought invites more similar thoughts and ideas into the mind. These thoughts tend to attract circumstances that are in accordance with them.
  6. Thoughts and mental images are a sort of energy that get impressed on the subconscious mind and on the Universal Mind, and together, they create your reality.
  7. We are an inseparable part of the creative Universal Mind. Our thoughts are projected into this Omnipotent power and cause its tremendous power to act on our behalf. The Universal mind and we are partners in creating our life.
  8. Everything in the Universe is interconnected. All thoughts, actions, and events in the universe are connected and influence each other.
  9. Everything in the Universe is made of energy. We see differences because each object has a different wavelength and density. We live in an ocean of energy. Each wave in this ocean influences the other waves. As part of this body of energy, thoughts work with the creative Universal energy.
  10. People thinking similar thoughts are often attracted to each other. When one person has a need, and the other can supply it, their thinking can bring them together in a surprising manner. This is what we call a coincidence.

Does all this remind you of the law of attraction? Well, creative visualization and the law of attraction are the same thing.

Can You Attract What You Want?

Can you get anything through this technique?

Well, you can make many changes in your life, but how far you go and what you get depends on how strong your desire and ambitions are, your persistence, and how well you follow the mental rules for using this technique.

Most people do not have big ambitions. All they want is to improve their life. That’s all, and that’s okay.

People might wish to be millionaires, become famous, or be CEOs of big companies. However, most often, this is just a wish. They do not want all the responsibility and hard work that this entails. They prefer a simpler life, and that’s okay.

Creative visualization works not just for big goals but for simple, everyday goals, for carrying out tasks, improving your efficiency at work, increasing your salary, finding a job, or improving relationships.

Similar Thoughts Bring People Together

Here is an example of how similar thoughts bring people together and create what we call “coincidence”. This story appears in my book, “Manifest and Achieve”.

A woman has been searching for a new job as a graphic designer. One morning, while walking toward her car, she discovered that she had a flat tire. Reluctantly, she took the spare tire out and prepared herself for the unpleasant task of changing it.

As she was trying to loosen the screws of the tire, a car stopped by, and the driver asked her if she needed any assistance. She accepted his help, and while changing the wheel, they started to talk.

It turned out that he owned a graphics designing company and desperately needed a qualified and experienced graphic designer. To her surprise and joy, he invited her to his office later in the day with her certificates and recommendations for an interview.

She did not have to wait for the interview, as she always carried her certificates and recommendations with her. When he saw them, he was deeply impressed and hired her on the spot.

This meeting brought together two people who needed each other in some way. It was no coincidence, as one was thinking about hiring someone, and the other was thinking about finding a new job. Their thoughts brought them to meet each other.

You, too, can create such “coincidences” in your life. You can have first hand experiences with the power of creative visualization. You can use it to change your life, find a new job, travel abroad, earn more money, or find love.

In my book, Manifest and Achieve Whatever You Want, I explain everything about this topic and provide clear instructions, advice, and guiding stories for making creative visualization and manifestation work.