How to Materialize Your Dreams Using Visualization

Materialise Your Dreams

Many people talk about visualization and the inherent power of this tool to manifest their innermost desires.

It is important to understand that visualization is a natural skill of yours. In other words, your mind naturally works with pictures so this technique is, in fact, your innate ability.

Visualization is one of the quickest ways to manifest your wishes by design. If you apply this technique consistently, your desires will come to fruition in an effortless manner.

Visualization means having a vivid and compelling image in your mind about the objects of your desire.

The images you have in mind can be accompanied with sounds, scents or tactile sensations, to make them appear as real as possible.

  • When you are visualizing you are using your mind to fabricate images.
  • When you visualize you are not using your sight.
  • You are only using your imaginary inner forces, not your senses.

This means that each time you visualize you are using your thoughts. All thoughts have a specific vibration, either good or bad.

When you hold positive images in your mind, you are radiating positive vibrations and, in turn, drawing back to you good things. Nevertheless, when you hold negative images, you broadcast negative vibrations and consequently you will attract negative things to your life.

You can find below several tips to improve your visualization skills in order to manifest your dreams:

visualization Tips to Manifest Your Dreams

1. It’s important to pinpoint that all images must be bright, colorful and bold.

You can also use images sprinkled with glitter to make them more vivid. This will bring your desires forward more quickly. It is important for you to avoid dimmed or blurred images.

2. When you visualize you should use all your sensory impressions to shape the universal substance. If you use sounds they must be clear, the tactile sensations that you imagine must be lifelike.

3. A very important caveat is that you should only envision what you desire.

You should never imagine getting rid of what you don’t want, because, if you do so, you will be attracting the same undesired things. Your mind only attracts things, it doesn’t repel anything.

4. When you visualize you should imagine yourself integrated in the images, being one with them. Your must see yourself inside your body when you envision your desires. Integration means that you look through your eyes at the desired objects or situations.

5. So you should always see yourself as the main participant in the pictures you visualize. You are the most special protagonist acting in those imagined scenes. You have to avoid seeing yourself from outside, like an external observer.

6. In order to make the vision more real you can imagine that your inner dialogue is positive, as if you had achieved your goal.

For example, if you hold images of yourself having more money, you can accompany with statements such as “I am prosperous”, “I am a rich person”, among others.

You can also imagine the positive comments or praises from other people because you have met your expectations.

7. When you visualize the objects of your desire, it is also important to feel that you are connected with the universal forces. Feel confident in the boundless universal supply which will satisfy all your desires in the best way.

8. You do not have to use visualization to manipulate other people or exert any mental force over them.

The visualization tool is totally ineffective when you use it to manipulate others.

In that sense, visualization is useless when you try to make people act against their freewill.

It is important not to project your images on your environment. Keep the images in your mind centered on you.

9. When you visualize try not to be too sensible with your imagination. You should always go beyond your comfort zone; you don’t have to imagine “what is possible”. Those images must be big, vivid and boundless.

Try to imagine yourself with things or events that you truly desire but you don’t have now.

It does not matter that what you visualize seems impossible to achieve right now. Trust the process and believe in yourself, and consequently you will see your desires materialized.

10. In order to improve in the practice of visualization, you can look at any trivial object, for example a table. Stare at the object for some seconds trying to grasp every detail. After this, try to create its image in your mind with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes and compare your images with the real object.

11. You should use your imagination, or capability of creating images, actively.

You must be sternly engrossed in the imagery of your dreams. You must feel that you are completely involved in the process of visualization.

When you visualize you attention should not be fragmented during the process. Your focus must clear and steady and your concentration intense and relaxed.

This is the most effective way to embed the images in your subconscious and consequently manifest your dreams.

12. In order to visualize effectively, you must have a laser-like focus on the images you create.

This means that your attention should not be distracted by any alien thought. Concentration and relaxation are two of the most important requirements for successful manifestation of your desires.

You should never use the visualization technique worriedly or forcefully.

Some masters state that visualization is like taking a photograph with a camera; you do this effortlessly.

In that sense, you should focus on the images in your mind steadily, but at the same time smoothly.

You should never scatter your attention over many different images. Just concentrate on the object of your desire in order not to dissipate your thoughts.

13. You can consider your current negative conditions as a starting point to be more effective with the visualization process.

To put this simple, when you practice visualization you can use your present negative situation (for example, lack of money) as a means to reach a better condition. In this example, you take into account your current negative situation (insufficient money) and then visualize the opposite to it (for example, having a lot of money).

You must hold this new vision steadfastly and your dire situation will improve naturally.

14. Lastly when you use visualization the images must always be emotionalized. Your emotions give life to your vision.

By experiencing positive feelings when you visualize your dreams you speed up the whole manifestation process.

Try to feel those emotions intensely pervading the area that goes from your neck to your crotch. The purest feelings to be used are joy, passion, acceptance, love and gratitude.

About the Author
Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco (PhD) studied Metaphysics for more than 15 Years. He is author of the book “How to Manifest Money Effortlessly” (O-Books, 2013) and others. He is a University Professor both at undergraduate and postgraduate level and an international speaker. Website is