Look at Your Life as a Pleasant Journey

Life Pleasant Journey

Do you enjoy whatever you do, or do you complain about everything?

Do you strive to make the most of every situation, or do you get angry, depressed and unhappy, when you face difficulties or discomfort?

You can enjoy the journey through life. This is just a matter of attitude.

You can make changes in your life, so you can have a more pleasant journey through life.

When you do something you love, you most probably enjoy what you are doing. However, often, you also have to do things you don’t like doing. There are always tasks, chore and duties, which you cannot evade.

You may not love your job, your boss, or your neighbors. Sometimes, you need to meet and interact with people you don’t like. What do you do when in these situations?

  • Do you sulk and get angry?
  • Do you complain?
  • Do you become unhappy?

You cannot always control circumstances, but you can change your attitude toward them.

Life is like a journey. There are always movement and change. If you cannot accept changes, and if everything bothers you, you won’t enjoy the journey. It will be tough, unpleasant and exhausting.

You can sit in a train and complain about the people around you, about the train, the noise, the heat or anything else. You can be grumpy and unhappy.

You can choose a different approach. You can try to converse with the people traveling with you, learn about them, and win new friends that might open new opportunities for you.

You can also look at the scenery and enjoy it.

You can read a book or meditate. You can pass the time pleasantly and use it to your advantage.

It’s all a matter of attitude, which you can learn to change.

Why not enjoy the journey through life? Even if it is sometimes tough and unpleasant, you can turn it into a pleasant one. You can focus on the pleasant incidents, on the bright side, on things that develop your character.

How to Create a More Pleasant Journey Through Life?

Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Discipline your mind and teach it to focus on the good and the useful.
  2. Teach yourself to think more positively. We have a book focused on positive thinking, which can teach you how to build a positive attitude.
  3. Look and recognize the bright side of everything. This will make you feel better. In every situation, no matter how difficult it might be, you can find some bright points if you search for them.
  4. Focus on what you are doing, instead of letting your thoughts go wherever they want.
  5. Imagine how you would feel after you are through with your task, chore, or whatever you are doing. This will take off some of the strain and complaints, and you will begin to enjoy what you are doing.
  6. Don’t focus on the difficulties, the inconvenience or the discomfort. The mind finds it easier to focus on the negative, but with some effort and persistence, you would be able to teach your mind to stop dwelling on it. You can teach your mind to look at the positive, useful and helpful in every situation.
  7. Strive to focus on the benefits, on the strength and power you gain, and on the possibilities that open to you. Though this might be difficult at first, if you persevere with this attitude, your mind will learn to focus on the positive. This will make the journey through life more pleasant.
  8. Make it a habit to do a least one thing a day that you enjoy and love doing.
  9. Do not procrastinate or accept laziness. If you act, despite the tendency to procrastinate or succumb to laziness you will fill happier and more satisfied.
  10. If you don’t like what you are doing, there is no reason to suffer, feel bad or get depressed. If you cannot, currently, change the situation, then try to make the most of it. Try to enjoy it, try to put more fun into it.

Open your mind to see a broader picture, have a broader viewpoint, and magically, you will find what you are doing less boring or unpleasant.

When you see life as a pleasant journey, good things start happening and new doors open.

Look at your life as a pleasant journey and you will find happiness in every situation.

Enjoy the journey and make the most of it.