Why Visualization Can Help You Change Your Life

If you have read the articles at this website, you would have found that there are many articles on visualization, and on how to use it to improve your life.

How can visualization improve your life? How can imagination make changes in your life? Let’s explore this fascinating subject.

Visualization is a sort of mental programming. You project mental images on the screen of the mind, and in time, shorter or longer, the subconscious mind accepts the mental images, and you start thinking and acting in accordance with these images. This is why it is important to visualize only what you really want, and only things that can improve your life, and which do not harm other people.

What actually happens when you visualize? The mental image is projected on the subconscious mind over and again, and eventually, you begin to see the outside world through the mental image in your mind, and you start acting in accordance with this image. It is like a rehearsal that you do in your mind, which eventually, changes your outlook, actions, and habits.

When something occupies your mind, be it something positive or something negative, you talk about it, expect it, and see it happening, and this is an important step toward the realization of any goal.

There are many opportunities for everything, but if we are not interested in them, we rarely see them. When we have a strong desire to accomplish a certain goal, and visualize it often, we attract people that can help us, and we get the energy and motivation to follow our desire. Visualization opens our minds the see opportunities, acknowledge them, and take advantage of them.

Suppose you don’t care about cars, but one day, you decide to have a certain model. Suddenly, you start seeing this model of the car everywhere. There might have been many cars of this model on the road, but you never paid attention to them before, but start seeing and noticing them only now.

Let’s say that you wish you had a certain job, but you don’t feel you are qualified for it, or you don’t feel that you deserve it. With this attitude you will tell yourself that it is useless to search for this kind job, and that you should not expect it.

On the other hand, if you visualize yourself working at this job, and you manage to keep away doubts and negative thoughts, you will gradually grow to believe that you can have such a job. You would also make any required preparations, if these are required, in order to be qualified for the job.

You will often think about this job, sometimes consciously, and sometime subconsciously. This will help you attract opportunities, people and circumstances that will help you get this job.

There are various other factors that help, such as a strong desire, motivation, persistence, faith and positive thinking.

In my book Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams, I have gone into detail about the power of visualization and how to use it. In this book, there are instructions and advice, written in simple language that anyone can understand and follow.

The book also includes information about how to improve your visualization ability, examples for using visualization for various goals, practical information about positive thinking and affirmations, and much more.

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