Will This Year Be Different from the Previous Year? You Can Make It So!

New Year Fireworks

Will this year be different from the previous year?

Maybe it will, and maybe it won’t. To a great extent, this depends on you. It depends on how you think and what you do.

Your external life is shaped by your thoughts and your attitude. The movies and the images you keep playing in your mind, to a large extent, shape your life, your circumstances, and the situations you go through.

Everyone plays movies in their mind. Often, these are the same movies and images repeated every day, and they are either about your current circumstances or about problems or “negative expectations”.

If you don’t change the movie and images and keep looking at them, nothing will ever change. The same kind of life will keep repeating itself. You have to change the movie in your head in order for your life to change.

Do You Make New Year Resolutions?

Do you make New Year resolutions, only to quit them after a week or two?

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By making New Year resolutions, you start playing a new movie.

However, after a week or two, you remove the new CD from the player in your mind and insert again the old CD, about the same life you had until now. Then, nothing changes, and your life will repeat itself more or less the same the next year and then the year after.

This year can be different from all the previous years. It can be better, happier, and more satisfying, but this depends on you. It depends on you playing a new movie in your mind.

Make This Year Different

  1. First, ask yourself whether you want a change. Maybe you like your life as it is, and you don’t want to change it.

  2. If you want this year to be different, you need to do some inner work.

    You need to start thinking and acting in a different way. Remember, change starts from within you. External circumstances follow them.

  3. Make a list of the things you want to change.

  4. Look at the list, read each item, and ask yourself whether you really want it on the list. Ask yourself whether it is really a good change. Cross out the items that you do not really want, or which are not worth the effort.

  5. Read the list again, and make your priorities. Rewrite the list according to your priorities.

  6. Look again at the list, and break down each goal, and these are your goals, into smaller goals – smaller steps that are easier to deal with.

  7. Now it is the time to start making the changes. Find out which of the goals are within immediate reach and do not require too much effort, and immediately set on accomplishing them.

    Often, there are things which are within immediate reach, but for some reason we postpone doing them.

Play a New Movie in Your Mind

The next step, which is a very important step, is to start playing a new movie in your mind. You are the screenwriter, the producer, the director, and the main actor. This is called creative visualization, and is one of the major keys to success.

Visualization is the projection machine of your mind. It is where everything starts. If you keep the same mental images in your mind, of negativity or failure, or just thinking about your life as it is, nothing would change.

Start seeing new images in your mind, of the life you want, not the life you are living now.

It is like putting a new CD in your player, or going out of the cinema house, where always are, and going to a different cinema house, where they play a different, and better movie.

Creative visualization is playing your mind a movie of the events, things and situations you want. If you focus on them, rejecting contrary mental images and movies, eventually, this movie will be actualized. Your external life would be like the movie you are playing in your mind.

Creative visualization, which lately has been popularized as the law of attraction, is your tool for making this year different from the previous year, and by different, I mean better.

Yes, it is imagination, but imagination is the seed, from which things start.

How to Make Your Imagination Work for You

To make your imagination work for you, certain steps have to be followed.

  • Define your goal.

  • Think, meditate and listen to your intuition to ascertain that you really desire to attain this goal.

  • Ascertain that only good will result from your visualization, for you and for others.

  • Sit alone in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.

Click here for the complete list of steps.

It is not possible to talk about all the steps in a short article like this.

I have written on how to change the movie in your mind in many of my articles, and especially focused on this point in one of my books Manifest and Achieve.

Manifest and Achieve

The Guide for Making Your Dreams Come True
Formats Available: PDF and EPUB.