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14 Tips For Using Time Efficiently in Various Situations

Using Time Efficiently

How to use your time more efficiently?

There are certain periods during the day that you have to go through, but which give you no benefits.

  • How many times did you stand in line or wait for someone, doing nothing?
  • Do you travel by train or bus to work and just sit there waiting to arrive at your destination, with your mind rushing here and there?
  • Do you do anything besides listening to music with your earphones while traveling or walking?

There is a lot of time during the day that you can use more efficiently instead of just letting it fritter away.

Below, you will find a few simple things you can do in such situations.

12 Tips For Using Your Time Efficiently

  1. When taking a walk, pay attention to your body. Is it tense? Where do you feel the tension? Focus on that part of the body and try to relax it while walking.
  2. When you are traveling or just waiting for something, watch the people around you. Try to study them. Look at their body language, trying to understand it. Be careful not to stare at people. You don’t want to draw attention to what you are doing.
  3. If you are traveling, watch the scenery, the streets, and the people walking out there.
  4. Try not to think. You will most probably find it difficult, but it does not matter. The exercise matters. You are training your mind, and even if you do not seem to succeed, you are still making progress in making your mind a little quieter.
  5. Do you meditate? You can use this time you devote to walking or traveling for meditation.
  6. Read a book. You can carry an actual book with you, or you can read a digital book on your smartphone.
  7. Listen to a lecture about an interesting topic on your MP3 or on your smartphone.
  8. If you are traveling with a laptop or even a smartphone, write what you want to accomplish today, in a week, and in a month.
  9. Think about finding a solution to a problem you might be facing.
  10. Practice concentration exercises. You can find exercises in our article about concentration or in the book “Focus Your Attention”
  11. Practice willpower and self-discipline exercises.
  12. You can also find many exercises for strengthening your willpower and self-discipline, which you can practice anywhere at any time, in the book Willpower and Self Discipline.
  13. Repeat some positive affirmations to boost your confidence and self-esteem or affirmations to improve your life.
  14. Visualize in your mind a goal, a habit or a situation you want to accomplish. You can exercise with manifesting and the law of attraction, wherever you are.

These are just a few suggestions of the things you can do while traveling or walking. Other activities might be more suitable for you.

Time is a precious commodity, use it wisely. You cannot avoid certain activities, which you need or have to do, but you can use time in an advantageous way.

Efficient Use of Time

In this article, I have suggested certain things to do while waiting or traveling. You can also use your time in a better way and get more, no matter what you are doing, in every situation.

  • In every situation, just think what do you really want to do or accomplish.
  • What is the shortest way?
  • How can other people help me?
  • Where I can cut costs?
  • Make a plan on how to proceed, instead of acting without thinking.

These simple steps would save you time, energy, money, and unnecessary frustration.

Remember, focusing your attention on what you are doing helps you mange your time more efficiently.