8 Things to Do On Your Way to Work

Things to Do

What do you do when you travel to your work every morning? You probably do one of the following things:

  • Play with your smart phone
  • Read the newspaper
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music

That’s okay. This helps you pass the time in the bus, train or subway. However, you can use your time even more effectively, doing things that not only help you pass the time, but are useful and helpful.

Below, you will find eight useful things you can do on your way to work. These are only suggestions, and if you have something better to do, then do it. If you would like to suggest additional ideas, please email me, and I might use these ideas in another article.

1. Repeat affirmations

Is there something you want to do, and you need encouragement, motivation and a positive attitude? Instead of letting your mind just jump from one thought to another, repeat a positive affirmation over and again. This will make you feel good, motivated and positive.

2. Find a solution

Is there something bothering you that needs a solution? Use the time to find the solution.
Use the time to think of positive solutions. Don’t think negatively and how bad the situation is. That’s a waste of time. Think of possible solutions. Visualize how the problem is being solved.

3. Look at people and study them

Look at the people around you. Watch how they behave, act and talk. You can learn a lot about people and about their body language. This knowledge is an asset, and a skill that can help you in your life.

4. Listen to an audio book

Store a few audio books on your smartphone or tablet, and use the time listening to them. You can listen to stories, or listen to a nonfiction books.

5. Make plans

You can use the time to plan your day, plan your vacation, or make plans for your business.

You can use the time to decide upon the steps to take, think of an article or book to write, or what you need to do to make changes in your life.

6. Meditation

Did you know you can meditate while sitting in the bus or the train? Yes, it’s true, it’s noisy and there are people around you, but nobody needs to know what you are doing and you can try to ignore the noise.

You need not do anything that attracts undue attention. Just sit down or stand up, if there are no seats.

Try to be aware of your thoughts, but don’t follow them. Just look at them, as if from the outside, watching them, but not getting involved with them. This would calm down your mind, and make you feel peaceful and happy.

7. Learn a foreign language

You can also use the time to learn words of a foreign language. You can either take with you a book teaching a foreign language, a small dictionary, or use an app on your smartphone that teaches a language.

8. Learn to relax your body

If you may attention to your body, you will notice that it is often tense. This tension is involuntary, wasting your energy and tiring your body. Since you have some spare time on the train or bus, why not try to loosen your tensed body?

Do this in a way that does not attract undue attention. Just focus on your body, and over and again, calm any tensed muscles. You will find that as soon as you relax a muscle, it becomes tense again. However, with some persistence, gradually, your body will learn to relax.

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