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Do You Need to Have Goals in Your Life?

Do You Need to Have Goals in Life?

Do you need to have goals in life? This might seem like a strange question, but it is a legitimate one.

So much has been said about the importance of goals in life, but are they really necessary?

Well, there are several answers, and as always, the middle way seems to be a better answer.

Goals add zest, excitement, and interest to life. They are fun, too, provided you don’t add stress to pursuing them.

Life energy wants to express itself in an infinite number of ways, such as the desire to be, do things, and create things.

You put a seed in the ground, and it starts to grow. No matter what kind of soil you put it in, it has an intrinsic desire to grow and bloom.

So it is with ambitions, with goals. There is an inner desire to express yourself in some way. For some, it is a strong compulsion, and for others, it is a mild desire.

That’s why some have great ambitions, and others just small ones. And both are okay.

Goals are Important

When you have a goal, even a simple and small one, and you really are motivated to accomplish it, you will:

  • Be eager to get up from bed in the morning
  • Feel energetic
  • You become positive and optimistic
  • You feel happy
  • Be in a mood of expectancy, expecting good things to happen
  • You have a smile on your face.

True, you might encounter obstacles and delays, but you keep moving on.

When you have a goal in mind, and you really care about it, you would be more active, take action, and your life becomes full.

You will have something to wake up for in the morning.

You Need to Develop an Attitude of Detachment Toward Goals

Often, when facing obstacles, and when goals take time to accomplish, stress sets in.

When work demands too much, and when you start working for long hours, sacrificing family and pleasure, you start to suffer, and stress comes to the front.

You need to think about your life, your health and your family, not just about your goals. Sometimes, it’s vital to let go, even just a little, and learn to avoid stress.

You should avoid stress when working on goals.

To avoid stress, you need to develop an attitude of detachment toward your goals.

If things take too much time to accomplish, people do not cooperate with you, or if you face delays and obstacles, frustration might arise.

This might also create anger, stress, and anxiety.

Often, people who are working on goals, especially big goals that take time to accomplish, enter into a stressful situation.

This, of course, is utterly unhealthy.

You need to prioritize your life, health and happiness. Goals are great, but you should not give up on your life for them.

If Things Don’t Work Out That’s Okay

I am going to say something that you might find strange. Have goals, pursue them, but if they take too much time to realize, or they don’t come true, it’s all right. Don’t stress about that.

I know, you want to succeed, and you put hours into your work, but is this really worthwhile?

You might say that you will be happy and enjoy life after accomplishing your goal, but, will you? What about now, what about the present that you are missing?

If you are stressed and unhappy now, will you be calm and happy after you accomplish your goal? I am not sure.

If you are stressed and unhappy, you are creating an unhealthy habit. You are not enjoying life, and you are hurting your health. Is it worthwhile?

This is why emotional detachment toward your goals and a state of mind of letting go is most important. I have written about this in several of my articles, and provided advice and guidance about it in my book, Emotional Detachment for Happier Life.

Do You Need Big Goals?

Some have big goals, big ambitions, and others don’t, and both are right.

Some might want to have plenty of money, run a company, or own many possessions.

Others have more simple things that they want, like have a good house to live in, a good salary and a loving family. They are not interested in big goals.

Both are right. You don’t need big goals to be happy and feel successful.

A good goal can be just health, happiness and earning well, so you can pay your bills and live a comfortable life.

Self-Improvement and Meditation Goals

Goals are not only about having material possessions, money or position.

Changing your habits, improving your skills, self-improvement, meditation and mindfulness are also goals. Very important ones.

These are actually goals that do not create stress and anxiety. On the contrary, they remove them.

This means that it would be a very good idea for everyone, those with big goals, and those with small, simple ones, to devote some of their time and energy to self-improvement, meditation and mindfulness.

Doing so would reduce stress and strain.

You can find a few meditation techniques here.


It is good to have goals, but they don’t necessarily have to be about money, prestige and position.

Have goals, but yet, at the same time, strive to be detached, so that if things do not turn out as you wish they would, you stay calm and avoid stress.