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6 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Ways to Relieve Stress

Student life is a daunting experience. Many college folks go through depression and anxiety because of overwhelming studies and other college activities.

Here are six simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety from your life and make the best of your college experience.

Six Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Eat and Drink to Optimize Your Health

Eating and drinking are two of the most important things that keep your body optimized and your health in perfect condition.

Most students find it very hard to have a proper eating and drinking routine since they indulge in doing assignments and other college work. They might find it pretty hard to complete assignments and other important school work.

This can lead to suffering, because when the body is not in perfect condition, students won’t be able to concentrate on their studies. And this might harm their memory among other things.

In such situations, they might it useful to use services like “write my essay 4 me“. These services can help them with tasks and projects and contribute to stress-free college life.

If you want to release stress and anxiety, make sure that you have a balanced diet in which you consume all kinds of fruits and vegetables and always keep hydrated in college.

The best answer on how to reduce stress is to have your perfect body.

Eating and drinking do not mean that you should abuse this opportunity. Most people are involved in stress eating and anxiety eating, which leads to diseases, like obesity and heart diseases.

Try to maintain your diet and consume the required amount of food and not a bite more. This will keep you fresh and won’t give you sleepy vibes while studying and doing important University activities.

You will soon notice that your health is optimized, and you will be eager to learn more and more and squeeze the best output from your classrooms.

Some people try to reduce their stress and anxiety by drinking alcohol and eating junk food. Try to avoid these habits and make sure to consume healthy food while in stressful situations.


One of the best ways to reduce stress is breathing.

You might be wondering how a simple thing necessary for human life reduces stress.

Well, the truth is that when people are estranged and going through anxiety, they don’t fill their lungs with enough oxygen, which causes them to suffocate, increasing their stress and anxiety.

Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation that is causing you stress and anxiety, try to take long breaths continuously to ensure that enough oxygen is being taken into your body.

Moreover, try to calm down and sit in a comfortable position. It will take your mind off the stressful activity, and you will think clearly.

Never Panic. Whenever you face an anxious situation, panicking will be counterproductive and further deteriorate the situation. Try to keep a calm and cool head and take strong and non-impulsive decisions.

Always think clearly in anxiety situations. This means that you try to maintain your calm whenever you are around people.

You can exert anger or other emotions alone in a private space.

Try to make important decisions without being affected by your mood. Most people regret about impulsive decisions they made when they were angry or under stress.

Listen To Music

Among many ways to relieve stress, music comes on the top. Whenever you talk about stress and anxiety, the best way to relieve your tension is by music.

For most people and students in today’s life, music is therapy to their ears. It helps them think clearly, and it calms them in a situation where panic seems to be the only road to go.

So, whenever you are stressed or anxious about your assignments, quizzes, or any other stuff that is on your mind, try to listen to music.

It is also very important to choose the kind of music you listen to. For example, listening to rock and Metallica will probably be counterproductive if you are already in a stressful situation.

Here are some music listening benefits:

  • It makes you feel alive;
  • It stimulates blood flow;
  • It calms your nerves and gives you a relaxing feel;
  • You think with a clear head;
  • It gives you confidence.


Whenever someone asks me how to stop being stressed, I always tell them to go for aromatherapy.

This is a unique way to battle stress and anxiety with the help of a few candles and good fragrances.

Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses plant extracts to create beneficial smoke for the human body. It has countless health benefits and the side benefit of freeing the mind from any stress and anxiety.


Pet Your Dog or Cat

Animals can easily remove your stress and anxiety just by a single pat on their back. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where stress is taking over your mind and making you feel uncomfortable, try to spend more and more time with your animal.

For example, if you have a dog, go and take it out for a walk and get close to it. Because dogs love humans, they will easily take away your stress.

On the other hand, if you have a cat, you can always start to sleep close to it so that the cat comes near to you and purrs. This will give you a good sensation, and you will soon realize that your worries have all gotten away.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a pet, it would be a great idea to go to an animal shelter and play with the dogs and cats. You will soon realize that all your tensions have vanished, and the animals have made you happy.

Practice Yoga

The answer to how to manage stress and anxiety also lies in yoga. Many people practice regular yoga to induce relaxation in their bodies and minds.

Try to keep a slot separate every day for yoga and see the change in your personality. You will soon become a cool-headed person with zero stress and anxiety.

Many students suffer from stress and anxiety. They think that addressing this problem is taboo, and they suppress their stress which can turn into something negative. The above tips will help you battle your stress issues and lower your anxiety for the better.