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How to Pass Your Examinations Successfully

Pass Your Examinations

Some time ago, I received the following email:

“I am a student. I am sending you this message to tell you that it is getting closer for my final year exam. Is there any advice you can give me? I want very much to pass my exam successfully.”

“Any advice you can give me would be most welcome.”

I emailed the following message to the inquirer:

I hope that you have studied well before the exam, as this is the first and most essential factor for passing the exam successfully.

Affirmations, visualization, concentration, and learning to stay calm are important too, but they will not help much, if you have not read, studied, and practiced all the stuff you need for the examinations.

If you want to pass the examinations successfully, you need to be ready for it. You need to study well and repeat what you studied, over and again.

However, on many occasions, knowing well the topic of the exam seems not to be enough.

You may be ready for the exam, know well everything about the topic of the exam, but stress, nervousness and worries might lead to lack of focus and lack of attention. This might cause you to forget what you have learned and you might make mistakes.

To prevent this from happening, repeating affirmations, visualization, learning to focus and calming down the restlessness of the mind are of great importance.

Tips for Helping You Pass Your Examinations Successfully

1. Start repeating affirmations a few days or a week before the examination. Repeat the following affirmations many times a day, whenever you have the time:

“I am calm, relaxed and focused, throughout the examination.”
“I am passing the exam easily and successfully.”

For learning more about affirmations, I suggest that you read the article, The Power of Affirmations and Positive Statements.

2. Starting a few day before the exam, find a few minutes, several times a day, to visualize yourself sitting in the classroom, feeling good and calm, and answering correctly all the answers. It is just like daydreaming, with the difference that believe that what you are visualizing is going to be true and having no doubts about it.

I suggest that you read the following articles, to learn about visualization and how to use it correctly:
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3. You will also find it most useful, if you train your mind to focus. You will not be able to develop strong focus in a few days. You will need more time for that. However, even a little training will improve it.

At least a week before the examination, start practicing the first exercise in my article about concentration.

4. Two or three times a day, sit down in a quiet place, pay attention to your body and mind, and try to relax them. You might discover that the tension returns to your body over and again. Do not give up, and keep relaxing your body and mind repeatedly. If you repeat the relaxation every day, several times a day, you will find it easier to calm your body and mind during the exam.

I cannot guarantee that you will pass your exam successfully after following these suggestions. However, they would certainly increase your chances of being successful and getting better grades.

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