Are You Happy Now, at This Very Moment?

Are You Happy Now

Are you happy?

Are you happy now, at this very moment?

If you are unhappy, what is keeping your from experiencing happiness?

How much happiness do you experience in your daily life, versus unhappiness?

  • Someone tells you a nasty thing, and this make you feel unhappy for the rest of the day, with thoughts and feelings of anger filling your mind all day long.
  • You wake up late, and therefore, have to hurry to work, skipping your breakfast and the morning paper. How do you feel, stressed and angry with yourself?
  • There is something you want to do, but it does not work out. Do you feel frustrated?

There are a lot of small and insignificant things happening every day. If you choose to take them personally, you invite unhappiness into your life.

Do all these small events, situations, and plans that don’t work out, really important? Will you still remember them next week?

Is it really important what this or that person said or did?

Why take everything too personally, and become unhappy as a result?

Don’t act like a robot programmed to unhappiness. This happens if you let people, events and circumstances affect how you feel. You act like a puppet on a string, if you let people’s thoughts, feelings, words, and actions affect your behavior and how you feel.

Why put the key to your happiness in other people’s hands, or at the mercy of external circumstances and events?

Do you want more happiness in your life?

Don’t let yourself be too affected by what happens to you and around you. This might not be so easy, but it is possible, and is highly rewarding. Just think how much time and energy you save by not dwelling on hurts, negative thoughts and useless matters. Think you good you will feel, if you stop worrying about everything that happens to you and around you.

Worrying, dwelling on the past, and on unhappy events, cause unnecessary suffering.

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It might seem strange to you, but true happiness is not dependent on external events. If you think it does, you might be confusing between pleasure and happiness. These are two different things.

Are You Happy Now?

Ask yourself this question every day, “Am I happy now?” If you discover that you are not, think what you can do to change that.

Happiness comes from within you, when your mind is free from worry and thinking. This is why happiness is associated with inner peace. When the mind is calm, peace arises. This is why meditation and silencing the chatter of the mind bring inner peace and happiness.

Next time you feel happy, examine the state of your mind.
Does your mind race from one thought to another?
Are there worries and fears, or just happiness?

Happiness and inner peace are interrelated. When one appears, the other appears too. This means that if you learn to quiet your mind, you also gain happiness.

Can you find peace and happiness?

Yes, you can ,but this of course, requires some inner work on your part, and this what I write about in many of my other articles and in my books.

You can develop the happiness habit, if you choose to do so. All you have to do is throw away the unnecessary emotional and mental load you carry on your back.

When you sleep, does anything bother you? No, it does not, so why let it bother you when you are awake?

Meditation, emotional detachment, persistence, a positive attitude, tolerance, forgiveness, a strong desire to improve your life, and persistence, are the keys to gaining happiness.

Ask yourself, are you happy? Are you happy now? If you are not, then this is the time to do something about it.

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