How to Clear the Mind of Thoughts

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“So you are saying once our mind is cleared, we start experiencing inner peace, but what is the most important thing to do to clear your mind? I have read a lot at many websites, but still can’t understand the subject.”

There is no instant inner peace. To attain and enjoy inner peace, inner work and effort are required, but not everyone is willing to invest the necessary time and energy in this project.

There are various ways to clear the mind of thoughts, some do so temporarily, and other develop a real ability to empty the mind of thoughts.

In this article, I would like to point to methods that lead to developing a real ability to empty the mind of thoughts. You will find links, leading to more detailed information.

Ways to Clear the Mind of Thoughts


The practice of special concentration exercises improve the ability to focus the mind on one single thought or subject, reject unrelated thoughts, and keep the mind focused without giving in to distractions. This ability, will help you gain the skill of accenting and rejecting thought, in accordance with your will and choice. Concentration will give you the ability to control your mind and your thoughts.

The power of concentration is the switch that controls thoughts and attention. With this ability well-developed, you can switch your mind on and off, whenever you want. This would help you avoid thinking worrying, thinking of the past, or engaging in negative thinking.

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In meditation, you use the skills gained through the development of the power of concentration. Meditation teaches your mind to be calm and empty of thoughts, while remaining fully conscious. There are many forms of meditation, which all help clear the mind of thoughts, and which will ultimately lead to the ability to meditate without thoughts.

Meditation calms down your body, emotions and mind, brings you inner peace, and allows you to see life beyond limited thinking.

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Without some inner detachment there is no inner peace. Detachment means letting go of negative, disturbing and unnecessary thoughts, emotions and habits.

You need to learn not to be disturbed easily by what people say or do, and not to take things too personally. I am not talking about being indifferent and uncaring. It might seem a paradox, but you can be compassionate, helpful and full of love, and at the same time display inner detachment. It is a mental attitude which leads to common sense, better judgement, more understanding and more inner peace.
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