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The Journey to Inner Peace and the Noise Around Us

Journey to Inner Peace

There is always a lot of noise around us, created by passing cars, people talking, screaming TV and radio, loud music, people talking on their cell phones, and from other sources.

There are so many things that attract our attention, take a lot of our time, energy and attention, and lead to tiredness and exhaustion. This makes us seek some peace and quiet once in a while.

However, though it might seem strange, people often avoid quietude and dread a quiet environment, preferring the noise, the constant activity, and hustle and bustle of daily life.

Strangely, people often do their best to avoid any moments of quietude, of being with themselves, feeling uneasy in such situations. sounds familiar?

Most people prefer to be in the company of other people most of the time. When alone, they watch TV or listen to music. They just can’t bear to be alone with their thoughts. They need to hear people talking, and they need to talk.

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Do you, too, behave in this way?

Are you always busy listening to the news, reading the papers, paying attention to what people say about you, so much so that you hardly enjoy a few quiet moments with yourself?

Focusing your attention, mind and senses on the outside, alienates you from your inner self, from the most important part of you.

This leads to stress, tension, resentment and unhappiness.

You are more than your physical body, more than your personality, and you are starving the need and calmness when you constantly seek noise and involve yourself in what is going around you.

Alienating from the calmness and peace you need makes you forget your true nature and true essence.

Begin to Bring Peace into Your Life Now

Inner peace is here and now, not in some faraway future. You can start today to practice certain simple technique that will lead you to inner calmness, a free mind and a peaceful state of mind.

Cultivating inner peace doesn’t mean living a boring uninteresting life. It doesn’t mean lack of interest in the external world, and it doesn’t mean becoming less alive, less creative and less adventurous.

On the contrary, you become happier, more aware, more alive. You can do everything you did before, but with a new perspective, new and improved viewpoint.

If you wish to reduce the stress, the strain and unhappiness in your live, you need to cultivate inner peace.

Inner peace might look like a dream, an impossible goal for many people, as if it is outside of this world.

People erroneously think that inner peace is something which only spiritual gurus and adepts can attain. However, even experts had to start doing something to gain the bliss of inner peace.

You do not need to become a guru or a spiritual seeker to enjoy inner peace.

You can live your life, go to work, interact with people, have fun and do what you love doing, but also enjoy inner peace, without stress, anxiety, worries, or caring what people think or say about you.

Inner peace, and the happiness and bliss that come with, are part of your true essence. Too much attention to the noise of the outside world and to the noise of your thoughts hide the inner peace, happiness and bliss that reside within your soul.

The Journey to Inner Peace

The journey to inner peace is the journey into yourself and to your spirit.

It is a journey that requires you to learn how to quiet your mind. It requires some inner work, but it is inner work that you can do even while living your usual, everyday life.

In the process of cultivating inner peace you also cultivate mental strength, willpower, self discipline, control of your thoughts, happiness and bliss.

This journey toward a calm, silent and obedient mind is not without obstacles, but when you know its importance and the benefits it will bring you, the journey becomes a pleasant journey.

What are the obstacles? The habit of constantly thinking and the inner resistance of your mind.

The mind does not wish to be subdued and become obedient to you. It has learned to run after every thought and every distraction and it does not like to be disciplined.

However, if you wish to have some control over your life, and if you wish peace in your life you need to learn to discipline your mind.

The truth is that though people fear and avoid quietude, they look forward every day to a good night’s sleep, which is a state of quietude, of being without thoughts, a few hours of peace.

Sleep is a period of silence, of cutting all ties with the outside world.

When one gets into a program of training for inner peace, he or she learns to enjoy it while being completely conscious and aware of what is going around him or her.

Take the First Steps to Inner Peace Today

  • Start forgiving rather than hating, accepting and being thankful for what you have, rather than being resentful.
  • Choose to understand rather than judge, learn from your mistakes, and then forget them and forgive yourself.
  • Learn to appreciate a few moments of silence every day.
  • Get up a little earlier in the mornings. Take a walk alone, sit in a quiet garden or meditate.

You will not lose anything, if you free your mind a few minutes now and then, from the hustle and bustle around you.

Cultivating inner peace will lead you to harmony within you, which will gradually affect your outer world.

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Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

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