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What Is Emotional Burden and How to Get Rid of It

Emotional Burden

What does emotional burden mean?

  • Do you feel burdened by problems?
  • Do you feel some kind of a heavy load pressing you down?
  • Are some emotions keeping popping up and disturbing your inner peace?

If this is true for you, you might be carrying an emotional burden.

What is emotional burden?

It is a set of thoughts, fears, worries and quilt feeling that you carry with you.

Emotional burden consists of thoughts and feelings of regret and remorse.

It is a package of bad feelings that always harass you and destroy your peace and happiness.

It’s like a big bag or a rock, which you carry with you on your back.

How Do You Create Emotional Burden?

You create emotional burden when you become emotionally involved with problems, worries and fears, instead of facing them calmly and not allowing them to affect how you feel.

It grows in size and power when you allow the stress, frustration, and unhappiness to grow in you.

You also create this burden when you have guilty conscience and remorse, worry about things you said or did, dwell on unpleasant past events, or when you let people’s sob stories drain you out.

Some of the emotional burdens you carry are many years old, and others are new.

Some are light, and others are heavy and difficult to carry.

You create them unintentionally when you:

  • Take things personally.
  • Worry too much.
  • Have low self-esteem.
  • Lack self discipline and inner strength
  • Hold feelings inside you and let them smolder and burn you from the inside.
  • Feel quilt for something you did, or something had to do, but did not do.

All this is absolutely unnecessary.

What Does Emotional Burden Do to You

  • Emotional burden makes you dwell on negative past experiences.
  • It is exhausting, because it consumes precious energy and time that could have been used for better purposes.
  • Emotional burden creates unnecessary sorrow, pain and unhappiness.
  • It upsets your mind and emotions, and makes you feel angry with yourself and with others.
  • Emotional burden clouds your better judgment and disturbs your inner peace and happiness.

Do you need it? Absolutely Not!

Can you get rid of it? Absolutely, yes!

How to Get Rid of Emotional Burden?

There are various ways to get rid of it, but here I’ll focus on a few tips that can help you.

The best thing, to do is, of course, not to create emotional burden in the first place. However, as good as this advice is, it’s impractical for most people.

To avoid any kind of emotional burden you need a special kind of state of mind, which is not common. However, with special training one can possess the this mental state that does not create any kind of burden.

To do so , you need to develop a certain degree of emotional detachment.

If you are interested in this kind of training, I urge you to read the book Emotional Detachment for Happier life.

Here, in this article, I just want to offer a few simple ways to get rid of your emotional burden, or at least mitigate it.

Tips to Remove Emotional Burdens

Ways to get rid of emotional burden, so you can feel free.

1. Think about the burden you are carrying
Sit down in a quiet place, and for several minutes think about your emotional burden, how it makes you feel, and how it is affecting your life.

2. Think about the trouble it is causing you
For a few minutes think and analyze the bad feelings it creating, how it is affecting your happiness and peace.

3. Unnecessary suffering
Think about the fact that you are causing yourself unnecessary suffering

4. Carrying a load on your back serves no purpose
Think about the futility of carrying a load on your back. It is just weighing you down and creating unnecessary suffering. It helps no one.

5. Forgive yourself
Forgiveness clears your mind and feelings. Resenting and hating yourself has no purpose. It just leads to more pain and suffering. It’s completely unnecessary.

Forgive yourself and go on with your life. Learn from your mistakes and promise yourself not to repeat them.

6. Be a good friend with yourself
This means that you avoid doing anything that hurts or harms you, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

7. Forgive people
Give forgiveness for the people whom you believe have hurt you. When you don’t forgive them, you don’t hurt them, you hurt yourself. They might not be even aware at all that they have offended you in some way.

8. Use your imagination
Once, twice, or several times a day, imagine that the burden you are carrying is like a heavy rock lying on your shoulders. Then, imagine throwing it away and feeing so good, light and free without it.

9. Use affirmations
Repeat the following affirmation:

“I am free.”

“Everything is so easy.”

“I live in peace with myself.”

“It feels so good to live without this unnecessary burden.”

10. Build a positive mindset
Learn to think positive, and adopt a positive attitude. This kind of mindset cannot co-exist with burden and stress.

11. Letting go
Let go of any thoughts and feelings that hold you down and prevent you from enjoying happiness, calmness and freedom. Let the past go away. You cannot change it. This might not be easy to do, but if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed.

Developing a certain degree of emotional detachment would help you to let go, and free you from the heavy load of any emotional burden. This is one of the roles of the book, Emotional Detachment for Happier Life.