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25 Things to Do in the Morning after Waking up

Things to Do in the Morning

The things you do in the morning, as well as your morning state of mind, affect your whole day.

This means that you should choose to do in the morning things that bring you a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and accomplishment.

In this article, I would like to suggest 25 things to do in the morning. You don’t need to do all of them. Just choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

Starting your morning doing things that you love and that contribute to your sense of wellness is a very good idea.

Some of the ideas you will find here might not appeal to you or are unsuitable for you. There is no need to follow all of them. Just start with a few that you like.

When starting out to follow these suggestions, you might encounter some inner resistance or laziness. Don’t succumb to them.

Give a Good Start to Your Morning

It would be a good idea to wake up in the morning a little earlier than usual. This would give you the time to tend to these ideas.

What to do when you wake up early? Do you go back to sleep?

Don’t turn around, pull the blanket over your head and continue to sleep. Get up! A beautiful day is awaiting you.

Even if you have some unpleasant tasks for the day, you can choose to make your day beautiful.

It would be a great idea if you incorporate at least a few of the suggestions you find here into your morning routine.

Remember, the time immediately after waking up in the morning is magical. It is beautiful.

It’s a new day with magical energies of a new start.

A List of 25 Things to Do in the Morning

Here is a list of 25 things to do in the morning. I have divided them into a few categories:

Things to Do while Still in Bed

Things to Do after Getting out of Bed

Things to Do in the Morning before Going to Work, School or Run Errands

Things to Do while Still in Bed

1. Say good morning to yourself
The first thing in the morning is to say to yourself, mentally or aloud: “Good morning to me. I am going to have a wonderful day today.”

2. Positive energies
What to do after you wake up and open your eyes? Look around you, and feel being surrounded by positive and happy energies.

3. Repeat affirmations
Make a list of a few inspiring affirmations, or affirmations about the things you wish to accomplish today. Repeat them with belief, attention and intention. Read Affirmations Words with Power, if you wish to know more about this fascinating topic.

4. Think about the things you want to do today
For a few minutes, think about what you wish to do today, about your plans and your goals, so all this be clear in your mind.

You might not be able to accomplish everything you plan or think about. Don’t worry about that. Doing even just a few of the things is quite okay.

5. Do some stretching exercises
Stretching your muscles would bring a fresh supply of oxygen and energy into your body.

Things to Do after Getting out of Bed

6. Wash you face
Wash your face and eyes, so you completely wake up.

7. Drink a glass of water
Make it a habit to drink a glass of water, to supply to your body the liquids it needs. This would energize you and make you more awake.

8. Go to your window, balcony or porch
Stand by your window and open it, or go out to your balcony or porch, if you have one.

Breathe the fresh air, look around you and also look at the sky. Feel that you are one with nature. This action would fill you with energy and a sense of happiness and strength.

9. Meditate
One of the best times for meditation is in the morning, while your mind is still fresh after your night’s sleep. At this time of the day, it is still quiet, so it’s easier to focus.
Even 10 minutes of meditation would do you a lot of good. You can find here, at this website, a few meditation techniques.

10. Practice creative visualization
Another useful activity you might find most useful is to visualize in your mind a certain goal, which you wish to accomplish. This could be a goal you want to accomplish today, or some big goal, which will take time to accomplish.

In your imagination, visualize your goal as an accomplished fact. For more information about creative visualization and manifestation read our book, Manifest and Achieve Whatever You Want.

11. Wash and prepare yourself for the new exciting day
This activity is obvious, and is of course the routine of everyone, young and old.

A Few More Things to Do after Getting out of Bed

12. Prepare yourself a good breakfast
A good breakfast in the morning is a must. It gives your body the energy, nourishment and sustenance it needs, and keeps your energy level high.

13. Drink a cup of coffee, tea or just water
If you get up a few minutes earlier than usual, you will have more time to drink your cup of coffee or tea slowly and leisurely, and enjoy it much more than gulping it in a hurry.

14. Read a few inspiring quotes
Make a list of a few inspiring quotes to read in the morning. Read them slowly, focusing on their meaning. Also, think how you can implement their advice in your life.

15. Read a few pages from your favorite book
Another thing you might like doing in the morning is to read a few pages from a book, any book which you like.

Things to Do in the Morning before Going to Work, School or Run Errands

16. Show kindness to the people living with you
Be kind and show your love to your parents, wife, husband, children or roommates. Here are some kindness quotes to remind you to be kind.

17. Clean the dishes
Clean the dishes before you leave home. It’s a good exercise in self-discipline, and it would make you feel satisfied that you did not leave the dirty dishes in the sink for the evening.

18. Listen to music
Listen to some calming or invigorating music that you like, and which makes you feel good.

19. Singing
Do you love singing? If you do, sing a for a few minutes.

20. Dancing
Do you like dancing? If you do, just dance for a few moments. That’s a good exercise for your body and for your soul.

Enjoyable Things to Do in the Morning

21. Learn a few for words in a foreign language
Why not take a few moments to learn a few words in a foreign language? You can use a dictionary, Google translate, or any app that teaches languages.

22. Look at photos of places you wish to visit
Is there a place you want to visit, a foreign country you want to explore, or a place, where you want to spend your vacation? Keep some photos of these places, and look at them for a few moments.

23. Have a motivating conversation with yourself
Have a pep talk with yourself. Tell yourself that you are going to have wonderful day today, and that no matter what kind of obstacles you might face, you will get over them.

24. Take a Walk
If you have enough time in the morning, take a short walk. If you can find a place that is not crowded, that’s better. This can be just a short walk and a few minutes to be with yourself, before starting your day.

25. Greet the People You Meet
Greet your neighbors if you meet them on the way out.

I am sure you will find, at least some of the above suggestions, appealing and suitable for you. You can also come up with other ideas, more suitable for you.