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Rewire Your Brain with Mindful Practices

Mindful Practices

It is easy for the human brain to worry because of how it is wired. The brain is a battleground of its own, testifying to the regular clash between negative and positive, good and evil.

Sometimes, it worries about an uncertain future, thinks about the present, and dwells on the past. It is a world of clashing activities.

This makes life a little more complicated, and it is necessary to rest the brain to let go of the negative energies that accumulate quickly and continue to linger in the head for a long while.

This is where mindfulness comes into play.

By practicing mindfulness, you will be able to escape the constant conflict that goes on in your brain and enjoy life’s brighter side. This helps your brain experience some tranquility and rewires the brain.

Mindfulness: Aligning Your Body, Soul, and Mind

The brain tends to hold itself back with too many should have and could have, but mindfulness helps set it free and prevent it from wandering too far in search of what the future holds. It ensures that your brain acknowledges the present and is settled in ‘the now.’

Mindfulness helps you face the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you are experiencing at the time. This will push out all negativities and worries out of your mind. As a result, you become more self-aware, and your mind, soul, and body become calmer.

In mindfulness meditation, you will learn how to grab hold of your constantly racing thoughts. It empties your mind, takes care of the negativities, and creates space for positivity and peace in your mind and life.

Practicing mindfulness constantly brings a lot of positivity into your life and increases the quality of life that you live.

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Some Mindful Practices to Rewire Your Brain

Stress, worries, and anxiety are known to reduce the quality of life.

However, you can handle all of these with mindfulness.

These are some of the mindful practices that you can use to rewire your brain to improve your quality of life and put you in a better mental state:


This is the best practice of mindfulness and is undoubtedly the best practice to improve your spiritual, mental, and physical self. Several research and studies back up the positive effect and importance of meditation.

Mindfulness meditation makes you more aware of your mind and body and mainly involves some simple breathing exercises.

You can do this without preparations or fancy props like soothing background music, candles, essential oils, etc. It is nice if you have them, but they are not necessities. You only need some free time and a comfortable and clean place.

Doing this for 3-5 minutes for a start will impact you profoundly.

Meditation has several positive effects seen in the spiritual, mental, and physical levels of those practicing it.

It physically reduces blood pressure and lactate levels and relieves tension-related pains such as joint and muscle pain, ulcers, insomnia, and headache.

It reduces anxiety attacks and also increases energy levels and the immune system. In addition, some minutes of meditation can help enhance serotonin production (the happy hormone), which elevates mood and behavior.

Mentally, it helps to enhance memory, intuition, mental agility, emotional stability, creativity, and happiness. You are able to think things through properly and also improve your decision-making skills.


Yoga is another mindful practice that helps create balance, vigor, and strength in your body, and this also reflects in the way your mind functions.

Yoga has been around for a long while and is known to give your mind more profound stability and provide your body with a stronger core.

Each pose in yoga demands different aspects of the body to resist and endure pain, giving you more agility, robustness, and flexibility.


Prayer is an effective mindfulness practice that helps you connect with a higher force and restores your peace, vision, and hope.

In prayer, you are talking to a higher being, and you are introduced to several epiphanies, and you are able to appreciate the good side of life better. Prayer teaches you humility, forgiveness, and self-control, and this helps to manage stress.

Like meditation, prayer also helps you have clarity of mind, and you become more aware of the blessings around you. It improves the state of your mind and allows you to take things with utmost gratefulness and positivity.

Wrap up

Life is not a bed of roses. It is not easy and is worth figuring out.

Adding the mindful practices of prayer and mindfulness to your routine will rewire your brain and help you live a more positive life. You will learn to count your blessings every day and help you face the worst of life in the best way.

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