How to Energize Your Thoughts with Positive Emotions

Energize Your Thoughts

You have most probably heard or read about creative visualization. Maybe you have tried it. The idea is that by visualizing a mental image of a desired object or situation, you can attract it into your life. This way, you can make positive changes in your life and accomplish your goals.

To make this technique of creative visualization work, you need to:

1. Have a clear idea of what you want.

2. Visualize your goal clearly in your mind.

3. Believe that you will achieve your goal.

You also need to add a few other ingredients to energize your thoughts so they can create the changes you want. These ingredients are desire and feelings.

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What makes you take action, a cold, uninteresting thought, or a thought charged with emotion?

When you listen to a lecture, which lecturer rivets your attention: someone who talks in a boring, listless manner or a lecturer who talks with zest and emotion?

When you meet a stranger for the first time, which one leaves a stronger impression on you, a cold, dull person or one full of energy and enthusiasm?

People, actions, and thoughts charged with emotion make a stronger impact.

Thoughts charged with emotional energy are the ones that have more power and drive you to take action. Thoughts energized with feelings and emotions can create changes in your life.

To get results with creative visualization techniques, you need to have a strong desire, ambition, and persistence. You also need to energize your thoughts and mental images with emotional energy.

Emotions Energize and Give Power to Your Thoughts

Emotions and feelings energize and give power to your thoughts like electricity makes electric instruments work. The best instrument will not function without electricity. For a thought to act and manifest, it needs something to give it life and energy. Feelings and emotions are that something.

If your desire is strong, you can generate the necessary emotional energy. However, your emotional power is sometimes not enough to make things happen. In these cases, you need, in some way, to strengthen your emotional energy.

You can produce emotional energy when you need it. It is like connecting a television or a radio to a wall socket to let the electricity flow. You do so by producing positive and happy feelings of success and satisfaction and associating them with your desire.

How to Energize Your Thoughts with Positive Emotions

1. Everyone has experienced, at least a few times, a certain kind of success, even if it was only minor success. When you need to produce positive emotional energy, try to remember how you felt when you experienced success. Then, try to evoke these feelings again.

In your mind, relive successful events, such as getting good grades at school, receiving a compliment from someone whose opinion you value, finding a good job, or getting a promotion. You may choose any event from the past.

2. While reliving the event in your imagination, visualize it as clearly as possible, and let the positive and happy feelings you experienced then become alive again.

3. When these feelings are aroused, it is time to think about your current goal. Live and experience these feelings and emotions in your imagination, and associate them with your present goal. This action will inject energy into your thoughts and make them powerful.

When you fill your thoughts with emotional power, your thoughts become strong and can affect the surrounding environment. Sometimes, other people perceive these thoughts, and for some reason, they might help you bring them into reality.

Thoughts awaken feelings and emotions, and vice versa. Our habitual thoughts influence how we feel, and our feelings and emotions influence how we think. There is always an interaction between thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Learning to use your thoughts and feelings and creative visualization can take you a long way toward achieving your goals.

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Manifest and Achieve

The Guide for Making Your Dreams Come True
Formats Available: PDF and EPUB.