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You Need Positive Thinking in Difficult Times

It is rather easier to feel positive when everything goes well, but real positive thinking is revealed when you can maintain it difficult times. It is then that you need it most.

Positive Thinking in Tough Times

In difficult times, when there are problems and the economic conditions are tough, it is so easy to get into negative thinking and self-pity.

At these times, you can be sucked into a vicious circle of worries, fears and the expectation of more problems, lack of money or poverty.

You may read books and articles on positive thinking, and believe that you are a positive person, but when difficulties and rough times appear, you just forget everything.

In tough time it is easy to fall into negative thinking. At this times you focus on the problems and difficulties, instead of believing in yourself, looking for solutions, and seeking opportunities.

If you have no job, no money and the future looks bleak, you might:

  • Indulge in self-pity and feel bad and helpless.
  • Indulge in worries and fears and expect more problems.
  • Become resentful and angry at the world and at successful people.
  • Be sad and focus on your problems.

Does this attitude help you in any way?

No, it will only get you deeper into problems, because when you expect problems you create more problems.

This is where positive thinking and positive attitude are required.

It is true, it is not so easy to reject negative thinking in such circumstances, and even if you try, you might find yourself again and again reverting to negative thinking and dwelling on your problems.

If you have lost your way in a forest, will thoughts about your predicament help you? If you just sit down on a rock, and think and imagine that you will never find your way out help you in any way?

If you have failed, lost money or your job, will thinking how bad your condition is help you find a new job or earn money?

Wherever you are now, whatever your situation is, there is always a way out. This might require a different way of thinking, a different approach or developing new skills.

Forget the past, as you cannot change it, but you can change your present, and when you change your present, you also change your future.

Keeping a positive attitude, expecting the best, striving to do the best and refusing to indulge in self-pity, negative thinking and worries is the road to a better and happier life.

If you teach yourself to be positive in the good times, it will be easier to stay positive in difficult times.

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