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Develop Stronger Habits with the Best Apps and Tools

Habits with Apps and Tools

It takes a lot of will and commitment to make even the slightest change in your daily habits.

You want to stop spending so much time on social media networks and forums, and you need to start a daily exercising routine instead?

You constantly tell yourself that tomorrow will be the day of the great change, but you never commit to the plans?

Remember Newton’s First Law of Motion? “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.”

As it turns out, Newton was not only a physicist; this law can be applied to people’s natural behavior.

Now let’s look for that external force. There are some great apps and tools that can help you make a commitment and develop good habits day by day.

Apps and Tools that Can Help You Make a Commitment

1. TinyHabits
Dr. BJ Fogg developed a program that can change the way you approach life in general. His approach is based upon three steps: having an epiphany, changing the surroundings, and taking baby steps.

Tiny Habits is a free 5-day session that will encourage you to take action towards the development of new skills and habits that will result in lifetime benefits.

2. Don’t Break The Chain
You won’t find an appealing website when you open that link. It’s just a simple calendar with red and yellow highlights.

Wait; that’s what makes this online tool so effective!

This method was quite effective for Jerry Seinfeld: he used a big red X on the calendar to note the progress he made.

All you need to do is pick a goal and start marking off the good days. The highlights will serve as a great motivation; you won’t like breaking the chain!

3. NinjaEssays
How about sticking to a writing routine?

You know that your success in any profession is dependent upon your skills of expressions. If you’re a college or university student, you don’t have a say in this: you have to start writing successful papers if you want to graduate as planned.

The writers and editors at Ninja Essays will help you develop this skill. The direct messaging system connects with your writer, so you can monitor the progress of academic writing and learn from the experience. Then, you’ll be ready to tackle your own writing projects.

4. Daytum
Memorizing information is also a habit that needs development. You have Daytum on your side – a tool that enables you to collect and visualize all types of information and statistics you consider important. You create a personal dashboard that will keep you on track with your goals, but will also help you remember the activities you completed over the past period of time.

5. HabitForge
Do you know the best way to develop a good habit? Challenge yourself!

This tool enables you to set a challenge and move towards it. You can do that on your own, but you can also join a group that will support you along the way.

You’ll get daily emails for 21 days, reminding you to stay committed to the goal. Just choose the habit you want to make or break and HabitForge will inspire you to move forward.

6. StickK
This tool helps you keep up with your efforts through incentives and a really supporting community.

First of all, the tool helps you define a goal and realize what it would take for you to accomplish it. Then, stickK will encourage you to put money on the line to turn the dream to reality. There is no better incentive than that!

Habits can be a good thing. You start by breaking your degrading habits and developing useful ones in their place. The above-listed tools are enough to get you going, so don’t procrastinate any longer and do something today!

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