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Turning Rejection into a Step in Personal Growth

Rejection and Personal Growth

Every one of us deals with rejection. There is no denying that all of us have suffered rejection in one way or another. It only differs on the degree and frequency of instances wherein we are being rejected.

There are people who suffer from it on a daily basis, and there are those who get rejected a few times.

Rejection, perhaps, is one of the topics that almost everybody hates. Yet it sounds amazing how some people find motivation and positivity from rejection. Isn’t it surprising that rejection really is good for us?

No one escapes from the reality of being rejected. We have been witness to so many horrible accounts of how rejection has impacted their life.

People Feel Rejected

Some people say that they feel abandoned. They felt unaccepted, unwelcome, and worst, they felt that they did not exist in the first place.

This feeling consequently results, in some cases, in suicidal attempts. For some people, being rejected meant being unsafe in the environment they live in, so they find no value in society, hence the suicidal attempts.

Rejection contradicts what most people want in this world: To be accepted.

The brunt of rejection becomes evident when someone who was rejected becomes the subject of his own criticism. They start to get confused and ask the question: Why me? Why, of all the people, was I the one who got rejected?

From then on, the person will start to pick on himself. He starts to treat himself unfairly. He starts to figure out all his weaknesses and focus on them until he gets knocked down and becomes depressed.

The sadness will eat up on him. He felt paralyzed. Indeed, rejection can render people become helpless.

Rejection caused people to isolate themselves from others. They think that since nobody cares about them, why care for themselves?

Accept that Rejection Is Real

No matter what your social status, you will never be spared from being rejected. That’s reality, and we cannot change that reality no matter how long we allow ourselves to suffer from depression.

We cannot change that reality no matter how we try to be at our best in front of other people because the truth is we cannot please everyone.

Do not Take Rejection as a Personal Attack

The problem occurs the minute you take rejection personally. People think that when someone rejects for instance their ideas, they think that they are being rejected.

You have to see it in other perspective.

Never take it personally. That means be rational about dealing rejection. It is not yourself that is being rejected. It is your idea, behavior or service that is being rejected.

Another example, when you offer a particular service and your potential customer rejects your offer, do not confuse yourself. What is being rejected is the service your offer and not yourself.

Change the Lens through which You See Rejection

To overcome rejection, you need to change the lens through which you see it.

So, instead of spending our whole life trying to avoid getting rejected, why not make the best out of it? You cannot live your entire life the way it is.

You’ve got to learn to be happy again. You have to decide to make a change in your situation.

Most of the time, the problem lies in the way we deal with rejection. That goes to show what our irrational tendency is capable of inflicting to us.

And since it was your wrong handling of rejection that causes negative feelings, it is up to you to make yourself feel comfortable with every rejection you receive. Remember, only yourself who can best uplift your spirit.

Believe that Rejection Will Work in Your Favor

It’s funny how some bad things work for you. That is the power of belief.

  • If you believe that rejection does not define you, and that you are bigger than your failure.
  • If you believe that there’s more to you than you thought, and believe that there is something you need to learn from failures.
  • When you believe that there is no other option but to move forward.
  • Then you just made a big decision for yourself.

Rejection teaches you so many things. It makes you realize the things that you really want and teaches to be stronger. It teaches you to pursue things you are passionate about.

In every rejection comes a sense of direction. Do not identify yourself with rejection. No one defines you. You define yourself.

We got bullied, rejected, ignored or abandoned but only us who can change our circumstances. Nobody could do it for us.

Knowing this, we have to believe on every ounce of our being. We need to stand up.

The truth is: failures are part of our story. It is part of every ones’ story. The first thing to succeed in our goals in life is recognize failure. That is how we learn.

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