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8 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Become More Confident

Overcome Shyness

Everyone has moments when they feel awkward or uncomfortable in social situations. It might be because you are meeting someone new or going to a party that you have never been to before.

It could also be because you feel self-conscious about something specific that you see in other people’s company.

Whatever the reason, shyness can make it hard for you to socialize with others and feel comfortable during group activities.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome your shyness and become more confident in your interactions with others.

Read on for tips on how to build your confidence from the inside out.

Build Your Confidence from the Inside Out

The first step to overcoming shyness is to understand where it is coming from in the first place.

When you feel shy, it is actually a result of your own insecurities or feelings of inadequacy. It is important to remember that these feelings are completely normal and not everyone is going to like you just because you exist.

The next step is to change your perspective so that you don’t let these insecurities affect your social life.

When you feel shy, you are more likely to avoid situations that can make you feel uncomfortable. Avoiding situations and staying in your comfort zone, though, doesn’t make them go away; it only avoids dealing with them.

How can you change your perspective so that you don’t let your insecurities affect your confidence?

One way is by challenging yourself to do things that you might ordinarily be hesitant to do. When you face your fears and overcome your insecurities in small ways, you build up confidence and become more comfortable in your own skin.

1. Learn How to Socialize

The most important thing to know is that you don’t have to be someone you are not if you want to get out there and socialize with your peers.

Shy people tend to be worried about what other people think of them

If you worry about what people think about you, and either become defensive or try to act differently from what you naturally are, people will detect your behavior, and your fears would be materialized.

Talk, ask questions, and show interest in the people you meet. You might act or feel awkwardly at first, but that’s okay.

2. Get Feedback from Others

When you socialize, you will get some feedback from your friends and family about how you are doing. This feedback can be incredibly helpful when you want to know whether you are making progress in overcoming your shyness.

Ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions for how to socialize more comfortably or get more comfortable with people that you are meeting for the first time. This might help you to overcome your shyness and feel more confident in social settings.

3. Practice Speaking in Public

When you try to overcome your shyness, you are more likely to try to talk to others one-on-one than in a group setting.

This can be effective if what you want to say is something that only one person can help you with. However, when you are trying to build your confidence, you need to practice talking in public.

There are several aspects to public speaking that you can incorporate into your practicing:

  • Choose a topic that you are interested in.
  • Choose a topic for which you have an interesting perspective.
  • Make sure that you practice at least once a day.
  • Choose a time that works for you and your schedule.
  • Make sure that you have a friend or family member who can help you practice.

4. The Fear that You Might not Measure up to Others

Shyness can be debilitating, making it difficult to interact with others and build meaningful relationships.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help you become more confident.

5. Identify What Makes You Feel Shy

First, identify what makes you feel shy. It could be a fear of being judged or feeling like you don’t measure up to others.

Once you have identified the root of your shyness, work on building self-esteem and confidence. Remind yourself of your strengths and abilities and think positively about yourself.

6. Take the Initiative in Social Situations

You can also take the initiative in social situations, rather than waiting for someone else to start the conversation. Start a conversation with those around you, even if it’s small talk, to practice communicating.

Practice communicating regularly, even if it’s just talking with a friend or family member.

It may also be beneficial to join an activity or club that interests you. This will give you an opportunity to meet new people and practice your social skills.

Keep in mind that everyone might feel shy sometimes, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel confident all the time.

With practice and patience, you can become more confident and comfortable in social situations.

7. Stay Positive and Find Lighthearted Activities to Do Together

When you feel shy, it can be tempting to focus on what others are saying and what you feel self-conscious about.

However, this will only make the situation worse and you are more likely to feel more awkward in those situations. Instead, focus on something positive.

Keep in mind that you have good qualities, like your intelligence or kindness, that can help you overcome your shyness. You can also try to find activities that are more lighthearted and less formal.

When you do something that is more enjoyable, you are less likely to focus on the insecurities that come with shyness. It’s important to stay focused on what you like, so that you don’t forget about your confidence building.

8. Change Your Environment

There are several ways that you can change your environment to make it more conducive to socializing with others. For example, if a particular situation or place makes you feel nervous or self-conscious, seek to be in a different, more convenient situation or place.

This can help you to feel more comfortable in a different setting.

Another thing that you can do is to change the way you dress. If you wear clothing that makes you feel self-conscious, lacking in confidence or self-esteem, try to change it up so that you are not focusing on certain elements of your clothing.

This can help to overcome shyness and build your confidence more effectively.


The best way to overcome shyness is to make it a goal to be more social. If you want to build your confidence, you have to put yourself out there. You have to get used to the idea of someone else not liking you just because they exist.

Be yourself and find ways to improve your socialization so that you can overcome your shyness.