Self Acceptance – What Do you Accept?

People teaching or following personal or spiritual growth techniques, often speak about self-acceptance.

What is self-acceptance?

Does it mean and what do you accept? Do you accept your weaknesses and negative habits and do nothing about them?

Does this mean accepting your behavior, attitude and life style, believing you cannot change them, and do nothing to improve yourself or your life? Not at all! Self acceptance does not mean accepting the situation and thinking there is no way out. This kind of thinking means giving in to laziness, lack of self-esteem, and finding excuses not to make any changes.

Self-acceptance seems to be not so well explained and well understood. Accepting yourself as you are is only the first step. It means understanding yourself and your habits, and realizing your good and not so good habits, your shortcomings, and your talents.

Accepting the facts about you and your life makes it easier to find peace within you and stop fighting things that cannot be changed, saving you time and energy. This would alleviate lack of satisfaction and the sense of unhappiness.

Developing a certain degree of detachment would prevent you from sinking into self-pity, negative thinking and other negative states of mind.

From this point, it becomes easier to make progress and change things.

As you see, self acceptance means acknowledging your weaknesses and strengths, your good points and negative points, understanding what can be changed and what should be accepted, and then marching on and improving yourself and your life.

Self-acceptance does not mean accepting your situation and doing nothing about it. It does not mean giving in to your circumstances and accepting conditions as your “fate”.

Self-acceptance does not mean giving up and does not mean passivity. It means accepting what cannot be changed, so you stop worrying about it, and accepting that there are other things about you and about your life that can be changed.

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