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Unmasking the NEXT You: 7 New Things to Consider to Thrive in The New Normal

Thrive in The New Normal

Worldwide, the COVID19 pandemic changed the way we live daily.

Following the death of thousands of people, the closure of a number of big and small businesses world wide and the cry for help of countless people affected by this pandemic, we are forced to adapt accordingly to this new season in our lives:

The new normal

Masked in fear, anxiety, stress, confusion, sadness and anger, people from all over try their best to survive every single day in this new set up where social distancing has become a norm and self-isolation, a growing trend.

That is the normal reaction of those who live in uncertainty upon facing the unfamiliar.

And when one focuses on those negative emotions on-hand continuously, that person will soon find himself spiraling down to a space of depression and desperation.

But truth be told, that can be prevented if we just always remember one important thing: that we are capable of making empowering choices.

And the best one you can make now is to unmask the Next You.

Let’s face it: you can’t be your old self in the new normal. There wouldn’t be a fit. So, stop resisting change and start embracing it fully.

The Next You should be your own #bestmeever : your authentic, unapologetic, best version of yourself that is grounded on 4 pillars: self-love, self-care, self-acceptance and self-worth.

The COVID19 pandemic is the great equalizer that allowed each one of us, regardless of race, gender, status, religion or belief, to realize that we have to journey back towards ourselves and realize what really matters most as we reinvent ourselves in line with the changing times.

As you unmask the NEXT YOU in the process, embrace these 7 new things in your life so you can finally let go of your old self and thrive in your current space in the new normal.

1. Have A New Mindset

Instead of looking back to all things that could have been, reliving your regrets and focusing too much on what worked before, allow yourself to come from a space of openness, humility and possibilities, as you welcome change with open arms.

Remember, where you are right now, given that you are not sick and are still reading this, means you have another chance to start all over again. And that itself can demarcate beautiful new beginnings once you make that choice to see things differently, and on a positive note.

2. Embrace New Learnings

The COVID19 pandemic has allowed us to learn a lot of important life lessons. Setting priorities, making meaningful connections, pursuing long time dreams and passion – finally choosing ourselves first.

Take to heart all those new learnings and do away with your old way of thinking.

Remember, what used to define you before, e.g. your work, your status etc. don’t really matter now as everyone is starting from scratch.

3. Create A New Routine

Take to heart the importance of your health and wellness and incorporate in your daily routine. Ensure that you find time to exercise, eat well, meditate and just let yourself be as you fill your day with tasks that matter to you.

What you choose to do every single day, for as long as it’s aligned with your greater goals, is more than ok. After all, surviving is the basic goal. Thriving follows thereafter. Take your time to recreate your routinely space.

4. Develop A New Strategy

Ask yourself this coming from honesty: what should you do differently? How can you make yourself relevant during these trying times?

Take in consideration all your realizations during the lockdown and come up with new concrete action plans based on your new goals.

5. Set New Mini-Goals and Milestones

The beauty of being able to start all over again lies in the opportunity to create new goals and milestones tailor-fitted to what you really want, based on the person you’re meant to be long after the pandemic is over.

By chunking down your goals and milestones into bite size pieces, you make them more attainable thus giving you more reasons to celebrate every now and then. Journeying then towards your own #bestmeever becomes more rewarding.

6. Celebrate New Wins

You don’t have to wait for your goals to be achieved just to be happy.

Allow yourself to celebrate life (and yourself) just because you find simple joys around you. Big or small, any win is worth celebrating because you’ve made it this far. And I know you will still go further.

7. Hold on to New Hope

All will be well. That’s such a nice thought to hold on to.

Grant yourself the permission to live and grow in the moment as you come from a space of positivity and possibilities.

Do what you can now, with all that you have, with your best. Things will get better eventually, one day at a time.

As you unmask the Next You to thrive in the new normal, always remember to own your space. To keep on moving forward. One step at a time.

Because someday, you’ll find yourself where you’re meant to be.

Happy, complete and fulfilled, beyond the COVID19 pandemic.

About the Author
Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach and the international best-selling author of the bestmeever book series. This Unicorn is the personal coach of a number of celebrities, top executives and successful people worldwide and is one of the most sought-after experts in life coaching across print, TV, radio and online media across the region. To know more about him, visit