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51 Inspirational Quotes about Success

Success Quotes

We all want to be successful in life.

We want to succeed at work, school, love, and relationships. We want to be wealthy and prosperous and handle successfully everything we do.

In this collection of quotes about success, I would like to share a few insights about success that I have learned over the years.

I have written 51 original inspirational quotes on success, collected from my books and articles. I hope you enjoy reading these quotes and that they will inspire you to better your life.

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Motivational Success Quotes

“Both success and failure start in your mind.”

“The kind of thoughts that occupy your mind most often determine how successful you will be.”

“If you want to succeed, replace the movie that you watch in your mind with a new movie full of love, happiness, and success.”

“Be the writer, director, and actor of the movie that you run in your mind. In this movie, see yourself living a wonderful and prosperous life right now, not in the future.”

“If you have wealth and possessions, you have material success. If you are happy, content, and loving, you have emotional success. Aspire for both kinds of success.”

“Failure is never a failure unless you give up.”

“When you make plans for tomorrow and carry out a significant part of them, that’s a significant accomplishment.”

“If you dwell on failure, you will most probably fail; if you dwell on success, you will most certainly succeed.”

“If you want to achieve success, stop seeking perfection.”

“When you think and believe that you can succeed, you will succeed.”

“Worries, fears, doubts, and lack of belief are like high waves and strong winds that are pushing away the boat that is carrying success to you.”

“How big you think is limited only by your own beliefs.”

“If you want extraordinary success, rise above your ordinary life, think big, dream big, and imagine your life far beyond your current reality.”

“Nobody can limit your success, but you.”

“If you are healthy, have love in your life, have the means to support yourself and your family, and have real friends – that’s success.”

“If you imagine yourself as a rich person, you will start thinking like a rich person and attract riches into your life.”

“If you want to attain success, keep a positive attitude, no matter what your current situation is.”

“Your fears and worries might be legitimate, but don’t allow them to control your mind and block your chances of success.”

Think positively and expect success, especially when facing difficulties and obstacles.”

“If you want to succeed in life, replace negative thinking with positive thoughts, and instead of anticipating disappointment and failure, expect progress, achievement and success.”

“If your thoughts focus on problems, fears and failure, then, most likely, this is what you will get. If you often think positive thoughts and expect success, then, most likely, this is what you will get.”

Do you know what is the definition of success?

“If you want to reach success, use your common sense, and trust your gut feelings.”

“When you think about becoming successful, think not only about wealth and a better position, but also about becoming successful in health and love.”

“You will never progress in life, if you choose to remain in your comfort zone.”

“If you want to succeed in any area of life, double your efforts.”

“Life is precious; don’t waste it on being a couch potato. Take action. Do something.”

Success Quotes to Attract Success into Your Life

“For optimum results in any area of life, train yourself both physically and mentally.”

“You will attract failure into your life, if you constantly occupy your mind with thoughts about disappointment and if you constantly expect failure.

“First, be thankful for whatever you have right now, and then, aspire for more.”

“If you are wealthy and have material success, and yet you are unhappy, stressed, and lack inner peace, you have not achieved true success.”

“A state of inner peace helps you become successful, since a peaceful mind enables clear thinking and making better decisions.”

“When you let go of stress and tension you become peaceful, which makes it easier for success to enter into your life.”

“Achieving inner peace, attaining discipline, patience and positive habits, are the signs of inner success.”

“Choose to make thoughts about success your companions and allies, and you will have success in your life.”

“Think of success and prosperity as your only options, and soon they will become part of your life.”

“Feeding your mind constantly with thoughts about success will create success in your life.”

“Be proud of your past achievements, since they will pave the way to more achievements.”

“When you think about achieving success, remember to think how others will benefit from your success, as well.”

“Success is not only more money, more possessions and a better position, but also creating positive habits, developing new skills, and becoming wiser and more knowledgeable.”

“Your business will flourish, if your customer’s benefit is at your best interest, not just your own.”

“In order to achieve success, think beyond your current reality.”

“If you find it difficult to imagine yourself having a better job, a better house and a happier life, it would not be easy to succeed.”

“Release the words “I can’t”, “it’s impossible”, “it’s too difficult for me”, and strongly embrace the words, “I can”, “it’s possible”, “I am ready, willing and capable.”

“If you want to rise above your present circumstances, start thinking bigger.”

“If you truly want to improve your life, stop building horrifying mental scenarios about failure and catastrophes. Instead, adopt a positive and optimistic attitude about success and happiness.”

“If you want to succeed, stop thinking limiting thoughts, and instead, teach your mind to think happier, bigger and inspirational thoughts.”

“We set our mental boundaries, but we can also cross them.”

“You can continue to think limiting thoughts, or step beyond your limiting thoughts and start improving your life.”

“Success becomes possible when you open your mind to wider possibilities.”

“The key to success is having positive thinking, peace of mind, patience and perseverance. These mental tools make it possible to think clearly, make proper decisions, and explore new opportunities.”

“Stepping beyond your current reality and achieving success does not occur overnight. It is a gradual process, which requires patience and perseverance. Therefore, NEVER GIVE IN to obstacles and NEVER GIVE UP your goals, even if your present circumstances are miles away from your dreams.”

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