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How to Be Worth a Damn

How to Be Worth a Damn

Are you feeling like you’re not worth a damn? You’re not alone. In a world where everyone is trying to become successful, it’s hard to be an ordinary guy or girl.

While some people are lucky to instantly become successful, others spend years trying to gain at least the tiniest piece of success.

There’s a popular belief that successful people feel more confident, assertive, and happier, but the truth is most of them suffer from insecurities, anxiety, and depression.

What Is Success?

If you have no clue what success means to you, you may end up spending the best years of your life feeling unworthy and pursuing the thing you know nothing about – it’s like trying to translate a Chinese novel without knowing the language.

Each person defines success in a different way. Most people equate it with money and power, while the minority find success in true love, a happy family, and a healthy lifestyle.

Before you start your journey to boosting your worth, figure out what success means to you. Who knows, maybe you will feel successful right away.

Here’s How to Be Worth a Damn without a Fortune in Your Pocket

Find what you love to do
Stop focusing on money. If you hate your job, it may be one of the reasons you feel unworthy. Find a job that will make you feel proud of yourself. Find a job that will involve helping others or doing something that will change the world.

You can be a street cleaner who makes the city cozy and clean or a nurse who helps ill and disabled people.

Sure, you don’t earn a lot, and you’re not famous, but you know that you don’t strive for money. You make this world a better place to live in.

Ditch perfection
If you find yourself drowning in a never-ending chain of failures, it’s not the end of the world. None of us is perfect, so stop dreading failures.

Just because you failed yesterday doesn’t mean you won’t become successful tomorrow. We need mistakes and failures. They make us stronger, smarter, and more powerful.

The more failures you face, the closer to your goal you are. Just like Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time, more intelligently.”

No matter what you did in the past, you are definitely worth a damn today. Just move forward.

Believe in yourself
Perhaps, you’ve heard this many times, but a little reminder won’t hurt. When you don’t believe in yourself, others ignore you as well.

What’s the common trait all successful and rich people have?

Strong self-belief. They’re confident about themselves and don’t let others lead them up the garden. It’s crucial to be a leader of your life. When others tell, ‘you can’t,’ tell yourself, ‘I can.’ Say and mean it.

Know your values
Knowing your values will give you a sense of purpose. What’s important to you? Career, love, family, or self-development? Identify at least 5 core values and stick to them.

As soon as you align with your values on a daily basis, you will have more energy and enthusiasm to move forward. You will feel more fulfilled and worthy.

Create a visual reminder of your values – be it some poster or screensaver – to see it daily and encourage yourself to feel worthy.

Let things happen
There are times when all we can do is just let things happen and keep fighting for what we think make us feel worthy.

Your career, religion, gender, financial status and dreams don’t define you. Whether you lost your dream job or broke up with someone you thought you loved, let it happen. You’re still worth a damn.

Learn to seek a positive side in every situation and you will see how easier it is to survive hard times without damaging your self-worth.

Stop comparing
Well, you’re not Jessica Alba with $340 million net worth or Mark Zuckerberg with $54.5 billion net worth.

You’re not even your boss who travels the world while you’re trying to survive another day.

You are not someone else; you are you. There’s no other person in the world who can be who you are.

Rich people have more problems than you think, and your boss is probably drowning in debts. Get rid of that comparing habit and start finally embracing yourself. There’s no point in having millions when you feel unhappy.

Try new ideas
Just imagine how you will feel when your new idea will bring success into your life. Whether your new idea is weird, stupid or boring, give it a try and see what will happen.

Even if nothing will happen, let it be.

It may take time to refine an idea before it makes any sense, so be brave and keep trying. Not only will you be worth a damn, you will learn to cope with the failures without losing your confidence along the way.

Remember, you have the potential to be successful.

And you are certainly worth a damn unless you spend most of the time lying on the sofa and watching Netflix shows. Such lifestyle can even make a millionaire feel unworthy.

About the Author
James J. Pierre is the founder of Entrepreneurboy. He’s tried a few businesses and failed miserably before finally finding what he really wanted to do. He’ll share what works and doesn’t work to help you take the next step in the entrepreneurial direction; replacing your roadmap with a fully equipped GPS.