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4 Tips to Redefine the Timesheet Management Problems

Timesheet Management Problems

Timesheets can be a bothering machine for most employees. Who wants to sign a couple of sheets every day to prove they have utilized the time correctly?

On the flip side, selecting the right timesheet management software can change its perspective among the team members resulting in more incredible benefits for them and managers.

An automated system overcomes the loopholes like punching, thus improving the productivity of the employees.

This article redefines all the timesheet management problems through practical solutions.

Choose a Customizable Interface

The professionals who use the timesheet management software cannot be essentially tech-savvy, so you can opt for an easy to use interface with low or no coding options and comprehensive features.

Indeed, you don’t have to bother IT professionals to run it or fix it continuously. While purchasing any timesheet management software, make sure to try the free trial version.

Also, assure all the teams are convenient in using it because technology should consume less time and not swallow half of the working time.

Estimate the Cost of Each Project

While working for clients, it is important to charge for the labor your team puts in.

Sometimes, arguments arise on time spent on each of the projects during the billing process.

To avoid these adversities, you can use an export system available in timesheet management software like Elorus.

It has a statistical analysis of individual projects with an automated time tracking system. Also, you can export these data to the client along with the invoice to avoid future confusion.

Based on the reports generated in the timesheet management software, you can define your company’s recruitment needs.

For example, you might have outsourced UX design for the past three months continuously, which affects the project’s budget.

Keeping in mind this insight, you can hire a UX designer for a full-time position, thus minimizing the hourly rates’ calculation and reducing the burden of constant lookout for a designer.

Indulge in Integration

Instead of choosing separate software for timesheet management and invoicing, you can adopt broader aspect software.

Elorus has both billing and timesheet management at the same place. This way, your employees won’t have any confusion to log into multiple software. Also, using numerous software at the same time can hinder their productivity.

Other critical criteria offer a tag to define the recorded time entries, which have predefined categories like commenting.

It clearly shows the time spent on non-billable activities, which you can analyze and ask your team members. Maybe they require some dependence, or those times were spent on administrative tasks.

Additionally, you can invest in collaborative tools inbuilt timesheet management software that can automatically send the weekly and monthly reports to the managers.

Troubleshoot the Problems before It Shoots up

Some of the primary problems can be sorted out by examining the recorded timesheets. It will be of great help to those employees who work overtime.

Besides, the timesheet management software assists you in analyzing the recorded time entries with the designed schedule. It prevents the inconsistency of lacking behind the deadlines.

On the downside, timesheet management software won’t convey the reasons but only the numbers.

For instance, to know the “why” behind the inconsistency in achieving the target, you need to better communicate with your team members. These discussions will show the core problems employees face and help to uproot them at the beginning stage.

Eventually, it builds a robust interpersonal relationship in the workplace. So, back up your timesheet data with effective communication.


Using the timesheet management software should be a profit for all the employees. Rather than micro-managing every minute, you can wisely handle this tool to subdue time-related hardships.

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