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Why You Need to Abstain from Using the Word ‘FIGHT’

Abstain from the Word FIGHT

Have you noticed that words ‘fight’ or ‘fighting’ are often used by people who want to uproot negative habits, make changes in the environment or change the world?

I am sure you have heard the following phrases or similar ones, and maybe even used them yourself:

  • “I am going to fight for peace.
  • “I fight for freedom.”
  • “I am going to fight this habit.”
  • “I am going to fight to achieve my goal.”
  • “I will fight them until I win.”

There are many variations of theses sentences.

What do they mean? They mean that you expect difficulties, problems and opposition. You expect obstacles and you expect people to fight you.

Anything the mind thinks it also creates, so before you even started, you are creating problems, which you will need to fight. Is this a wise thing to do?

Don’t Think about Fighting, Think about Creating

It is far better and wiser to create what you want, not fight what you do not want.

If you say, “I will fight against my enemies and win”, you are creating a situation of war. You are going to be always in a situation of war. Is that what you want?

Why not take a different stance, and stop considering people who are different from you, or people who do not like, as your enemies?

Why declare them as your enemies? Repeating statements that you have enemies, and that you are going to fight them will only create animosity, anger, conflicts, opposition and even wars.

If you often use the word ‘fight’ and think often about it, you are creating for yourself and for others situations that require fighting.

How to Think and Act Constructively

The words ‘fight’ and ‘fighting’ evoke corresponding emotions in the person thinking or saying them, and in the people who hear it. In this way, politicians, leaders, and people in all walks of life can manipulate people’s feelings and actions.

However, they can do this also in a constructive way, by awakening positive emotions and motivation, by using different, positive words that appeal to the emotions and affect the subconscious mind.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

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You Need to Abstain from Using the Word ‘FIGHT’

1. Think about solutions.

2. Focus on solutions.

3. Think about the results that you want to achieve and focus on them, not on fighting to get them.

4. You should focus on creating good habits, not on fighting the bad habits. Do not fight them, because you will only waste energy by engaging in a constant war, instead of changing your habits.

5. If you want to be free, focus on freedom. In your mind, see it as a reality in your life. Eventually, it would become a reality in your life.

6. You do not need to fight for your goals, just go and achieve them without thinking of failure and without caring about obstacles.

7. Do not fight problems. Instead, visualize them as solved, and work on solving them.

8. Do not fight your weight. Exercises and build good eating habits.

9. Do not fight until you win. Just focus your mind and all your energies on winning, not on fighting others or fighting obstacles.

10. You bring peace not by fighting, but by spreading peace, by teaching people to make their minds peaceful. It might come as a surprise to you, but inner peace is a sign of great strength. Unfortunately, only a small number people appreciate it and know what it really means.

You need to abstain from using the word ‘fight’ in your mind and in your conversations. You need to stop thinking on fighting, because if you do, this is what you will get.

Make Things Happen by Thinking Constructively

Always focus on what you really want, not on what you do not want, or on the things you want to avoid.

Using the word ‘fight’ shows fear. It means that you expect difficulties, obstacles and problems.

You do not need to fight your way. You can go in a straight line, fearless, courageous and not admitting failure. Using constructive words and displaying inner strength will get you anywhere faster, and with less opposition.

This approach does not mean that the path would be always easy, but you will create fewer problems and people will be more supportive and helpful.

Be active, not passive, move things, be courageous and walk tall. Make things happen by thinking and acting constructively, not by fighting them. To move a mountain, you do not have to fight it. You can dig it out by work and by constructive actions.